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  1. hi, i have been playing south park 1.3, and i have gotten the object error that others have mentioned... is there a fix for it?  thanks//sparky

  2. ya its back up again. thanks dazz yeah i hope deegor decides to come back, he always welcome in my book.
  3. chat been down for a while here, stuck on connecting
  4. what is billy zane's penis doing wearing a wig ? yeah rawd, you cant hide what you are, i still see you.
  5. as for scripting tables thats easy open up and read code line by line see what different tables have different code, any jp table is a good reference to start with, his code is clean and easy to follow. destruk tables are your handbook for table building. he has pretty much built every table or scripted it at one stage and his code is a great reference for how any table works. unclewilly tables are also a greta reference and i have learnt alot of tricks from his stuff. i wouldnt recomend reading my code as a starting point, i dont comment much and can be hard to follow what is happening sometimes if you are new. Don't start with a table with lots of toys and alot of stuff going on. try an older solid state machine first to get used to the basics. the more you do the better you will get its all about practice and patience. you can't be a JP overnight.
  6. to start redrawing a playfield correctly you should hope to have four things as a good starting point. first from my experience is a blueprint extracted from the tables manual. Use this as a base for not only your redraw but import into vp to line up table objects correctly and make the build a hell of alot quicker and easier. Second is try and obtain a playfield scan, even an old playfield from an older version of the table.no matter how bad or how much blur it contains. line this playfield scan up to your blueprint and use it as a base for your redraw. third is get as many pictures of the table as you can, seach the internet far and wide, you may be suprised what can be found searching through google images alone. these will be used as a reference and can even be cut up and aligned on top of your playfield scan to help redraw. Number four and most important thing to learn is the pen tool, whatever your poisen photoshop , illustrator or gimp it will be your most used tool. search youtube there is as many instructional video's as there was pinball machines created. then once you have mastered that one tool you can pretty much recreate anything with patience and alot of practice. redraw the light inserts first, then an outline of the table and the main colors, do it all on seperate layers. hide your solid color layers after you make them and unhide them later. i like to then "ink" all items on table, i use a wacom cintiq and draw straight on the screen, but i started out with a mouse. i redrew the lethal weapon 3 playfield with mouse only so it proves that you dont need a fancy tablet for detailed redraws if you cant obtain one. then color everything in on a seperate layer undernieth the ink'd outline. add text and so on. i used this method many times to redraw all my tables and others i never got around to using. at one stage i was redrawing a playfield a week. and have about 12-15 playfields ready for the day i feel like working in vp again. but all the smoke and mirrors i used to love have now been phased out and it's not as fun anymore. was great seeing how far i could push the boundries of a 10 yr old program. but in saying that im glad the new aditions of vp10 and beyond may introduce more people to authoring tables. i'm never going to disapear totally from this scene.
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