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  1. For those interested - it turned out to be a dry joint on one of the SD card adapter pins. Explains why it did work - and then stopped working. Reflowed pin connections and all seems good.
  2. @slippifishi great job on the latest version. I had time to test out and enjoy on a real HS2 today (L-5 ROM). You've clearly put a lot of detail into many of the scenes - I really like the graded text - nice touch. The Black cop cars give a more modern look, and I really like the cleaner map scene, and recoloured Donut Heaven. Thank also for jazzing up the Red Line Mania sequence. Also Video Mode seems to be smoother (could just be my imagination). Personally I'm not sure I prefer the recoloured Lambo in the 1st lock scenes - but thats just personal preference. Love the recoloured cop in the Multiball scene. There are two things that I think need your attention - the first is after the 1st ball lock scene the woman's hair stays on the scene after everything else clears. The cop car at the match scene, needs to be recoloured to be consistent with cop cars through-out the game Thanks again - you've clearly put many, many hours into a project that @malenko clearly put many, many hours into!
  3. Looks that way - strange that it was working, and now not. Final tests are looking at impedence on R21-R26 and thet the adapter is receiving good voltage on pin 3.3V p4 & GND p6. Could maybe just be debris in the adapter? We will see.
  4. Next test is to attempt a firmware update. As I DFU'ed V3.15, by putting the latest pin2dmd.upd file on a SD card, will test whether the card can be read (look for UPDATE on the screen), and see if the file will delete (check SD card after reboot). Will post results of that test when I have them
  5. A member bought 2 x EVO128x32 boards in the recent Pinballinfo.com group buy (3rd one, over 150 boards built to date). Both were activated via the SD card (and both wrote the serial number successfully to the SD card). Now the member is attempting to install in a Medieval Madness machine - one board works fine, the second board with the same SD card does not seem to be reading the pin2dmd files (no colour effects). Have you heard of such problems? Clearly the SD adapter worked with my SD card as I gathered the serial number and provided the .key file - but now would appear not to be working? Seems all other features work as they should. R21-R26 resisters are not damaged and SD does not have any shorts between the pins. ANyone ever heard of that happening? Any suggestions to test and find the problem? Thanks
  6. IMG_0309.MOV This scene has some colour flashing. IMG_0308 2.MOV This attract mode seems a bit glitchy HS2 Attract2.mov This attract mode scene glitch is slightly different - notice a squiggle on the left hand side? Hope these videos help.
  7. Thanks for the response - really apreciate it. Do you think the attract mode glitches could be due to Free Play mode? Happy to send video images if that helps explain it.
  8. Many members on the Pinballinfo.com forum excited about this project... You will find many willing testers with real Twighlight Zones there. How is it going?
  9. Exactly the same feedback... love the work so far. Some odd effects in attract mode. The Burn Rubber bonus seems to lose colour as it animates. The lock ball pickup with "nice wheels" has flashing colours, where as "Nice Car" is perfect. I am running V3.12 if that helps
  10. How is this project progressing? I'd be very happy to test and feedback from a real pin if that would help? I'd be very interested in any progress
  11. Nice bulk feature Lucky1... would have been nice in January ;). On a similar "bullk" idea - a suggestion to help streamline bulk activation, Could it be possible to have the firmware create a file (e.g. pin2dmd.ser), or append to the file if it already exists, the PIN2DMD board serial number? Then we can copy/paste the file contents as a list of all boards needing activation. This should remove any human error copying serial numbers from screen to activation request. Also - anyway to activate in bulk without connecting a USB would be very helpful. My thought process is to have a SD card with all received activation data for every serial number provided onto a single SD card. After the SD is inserted into any unactivated PIN2DMD board - the firmware scans for the required activation data and activates if found. This would help simplify for those using with many real pins, who are not that tech savvy. I continue to appreciate all of your work and efforts. Hope you're well and safe.
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