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  1. Whats up man, now theres a familiar face and name. lol Love the new look. The DMD is INSIDE the cab? sweet on a side not, im having a hell of a time with HS, mame works great outside of it but I start it up and boom i got no up and down from joysticks, sometimes wheel just keeps running. but I copied all my data from hard drive over, maybe i need to do a fresh install again and see. man this pinball stuff is amazing, just bought my tv on Black Friday and setting up some cool stuff... Question. How does everyone handle file management, like after the pincab is BUILT, is the backglass the main screen, should i network in to the computer and edit from a laptop, etc, etc
  2. Ummmmm ok yeah. lol thats what i need then. hell i have like 5 old 19" monitors. lol Is that what all the kids are doing these days, and I say kids but I assume we are all older. lol. I never had the patience for this when I was a kid. I assume there are tons of tables in VPX that use this technology and if it has an old DMD then I can position it on the screen
  3. Thank you, yeah, its ok now... Tis life as the kids say... Tell me more about the Stern design, or a link would suffice. Yeah man.. Been using 3D Studio Max for like 20 years or so. I do all the social media here and animations. 3D modeling cans and etc. lol This was SIMPLE, just texturing on the can, but it WOWS the crowds here lol
  4. Hi All, Eric here. I have actually never been a part of this forum but was very active on arcadecontrols, Hyper and etc for a long time. After a death in the family and getting laid off, Dazz I feel the pain. Six years later, actually almost seven Im back in action. I WAS the graphics designer for an architectural company. 3D Modeling and etc for 18 years, but now after ten years of brewing beer at home Im the Head Brewer for a brewery down my way, been here six years now. My MameGear arcade took a dump several years ago and im finally getting it back up and running. I cant get Hyperspin wo work at all, but it took me forever to get everything coded and working before. I just have to put in the time. Finally stating my PinWars build. FINALLY.. Hell, its good. Ten years ago when I started Three screens would have cost me thousands. lol So its a good thing. This was my cabinet and this was my pin artwork So I havent been a part of the community for a long time and all I knew was vpforums tables. lol I had no idea there were so many new ones. Thank you all for the great work and time and effort. I have to build a new pc. VPX will not run on the current pc I have. Just gotta upgrade. Money is no object here, jk, but seriously. I was thinking of getting the real PINDMD 3 Seems like the way to go, I actually have a third monitor to use but it looks so cool. Thoughts and any suggestions are appreciated. Cheers all, if anyone is ever down the eastern shore maryland area, look me up at Tall Tales Brewing for a pint
  5. So the rom name is spelled wrong anyways. As the roms can not be directly hosted on this site. The rom name should be avs_140 same for the bin inside the zip i assume. Way easier with some help. I only found it out by running setup.exe for and checking the rom. Make it look just like below. Sorry for the revival of a thread, but after a death in the family a while ago, Im finally back to getting things going. And I didnt even know THIS forum existed, I was just on VPFORUMS. Thank you all to the great contributors here and there. This black friday I am buying the screens for the cab. I have been playing Scared Stiff and Star Wars on my Mame Cabinet forever and had no idea new tables were available. I was very active years ago. My mame cabinet is called MameGear. I will post pics but all my Photobucket links are dead.... Yeah.. I said photobucket. lol Cheers all With Controller .GameName = "avs_140" .SplashInfoLine = "Avengers Pro Stern 2012"
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