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  1. Hello everyone. I am at the end of the colorization of the DMD of Who Dunnit en fr (french version). I still have to colorize the roulette wheel and the characters during the interrogation. I block on the colorization of the characters, I have a problem when we must choose a character. Each scene must be colored independently, but some scenes have many different frames, which causes me to lose my color palettes or masks. I need help to colorize these scenes (interrogation and casters). If anyone could look into the colorization of these scenes, I could finish the coloring of Who Dunnit. I think with my work the English version should be fast. (Sorry, I do not speak English, thank you google translation.) I'm looking for help to complete the colorization of the scenes _ Roulette scene _ Scene selection of suspects To access the pin2dmd files. pal and vni, go to forum topic pincab passion.fr https://www.pincabpassion.net/t11030-wip-who-dunnit-color-version-fr#188724 PINCAB PASSION
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