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  1. Hello, I have a problem with this color rom. It only appears in orange on my pincab. 🤔 I don't have any problem with other roms on the site. My pin2dmd is in v3.20, 'Use external DMD' is well checked and 'Color DMD' as well. I use the rom lah_112. vPinMame version is 3.3 rev5270 Same problem with Freezy 1.7.1 ou 1.8. When I take the VirtualPin archive on your Google Drive link (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Rh5xZ9qzxnSPz8TGmgsCotiDrO1nKEFn), I end up with 3 pairs of pal/vni. One at the root of January 15 at 15:32 (pin2dmd.pal at 28707 bytes), one in the lah_VPIN_1.0 directory at the same date but not the same size (pin2dmd.pal at 23402 bytes) and finally a third one in the lah_VPIN_1.0.zip archive at December 1st (pin2dmd.pal at 23402 bytes). I tried all three, same result. Do you have an idea? Thanks EDIT I tried one time with renamed files in RealPin Archive and put again files that were in root of VirtualPin. OK now but i don't undestand why 🙄. Too much manipulations 😁 EDIT
  2. Hi, someone to help me ? Maybe another usb driver / dll to suggest ? Thx
  3. Hello, same issue after a fresh install of P-Roc et all actions shown before. Here, the end of the log.txt file : 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\usb\backend\libusb1.py", line 786, in open_device 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - return _DeviceHandle(dev) 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\usb\backend\libusb1.py", line 643, in __init__ 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - _check(_lib.libusb_open(self.devid, byref(self.handle))) 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\usb\backend\libusb1.py", line 593, in _check 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - raise NotImplementedError(_strerror(ret)) 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - NotImplementedError: Operation not supported or unimplemented on this platform
  4. Thx CarnyPriest for your answer, same issue for me after files overwrite ...🤔 Outhere, each item seems to be ok. Firmware 3.05, log.txt in D;\ but updated each time CCC starts (i did the good declaration in register_vpcom.py) , same driver than yours. I think i'm gonna reinstall the whole python environment and start with something clean. Thx for your help.
  5. Hi, I think I've tried almost everything to get the DMD on my Pin2DMD : - pyusb installed - Changed ep_desktop_pygame.py file with 12.29 and 12.30 versions. - USB driver changed via Zadig (WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385), libusbK (v3.0.7.0) or libusb-win32 (v1.2.6.0)) - Put the two files libusbk.dll and libusb-1.0.dll in c:\Python27 and in c:\windows\system32 - My device says 3.05 - Files are unblocked However, vpx closes, and backglass remains displayed. At the end of the log.txt, I have: NotImplementedError: Operation not supported or unimplemented on this platform When I restore the original file, the table works but the DMD is on the playfield. I would like not use dmdext Can somebody help me? Thank you
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