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  1. I have read that post before posting here. It uses the Teensy, not Artnet and I am not sure how to translate that to ArtNet
  2. Hi all, I've recently updated my cab with a new custom controller. I thought this was the most ideal way to go but perhaps not (I should have done more homework) I used to have an Arduino W5100 based ArtNet controller running 32, 8 bit PWM outputs for contactors and dumb LEDs. It worked ok but was a bit unreliable at times. In wanting to update my cab to smart pixels, I created a new interface with W5500 Ethernet and STM32F103 controller (still artnet based). The idea was, the first 16 'channels' were digital/analogue and after that, they were WS2811 LEDs. This all works fine - No issues. I am controlling all the current toys (including WS2811 'disks') as expected. What I want to do now is add some smart LED strips to the sides of the cab. Looking now, the logical way I should have done this is with a Teensy. I can still do this but technically I think I can do it with the new/current controller. I just have no idea on how to set up the cabinet/ini files to map the LED strips, to outputs on the Artnet/LedWizEquivalent. The first 32 channels (of 512) are taken up with the existing toys - How do I create a config that will map to the remaining outputs to LED strip?
  3. I wasn't really suspecting the DMD as causing the problem, I just thought this would be the best place to ask as I'm sure there are a lot of people migrating from 3 screen over to 2+DMD and perhaps this was common. I have already disabled the Virtual DMD in the config. I'll upgrade/reinstall pinmame and do the test as you recommend and see what happens (last refresh was about 18 months ago). Worst case I can rebuild the whole machine (currently windows 7 64) but i'd rather not.
  4. Hi all, I have encountered a problem that is preventing me from using my new flash pin2dmd. However, i don't know if its the addition of the dmd or something else. I had a working 3 screen vpx setup, not used for a few months. I disassembled it to move downstairs into my new man cave. I never reassembled/tested it but now i have removed the 15" lcd, mounted the dmd and went to load a table. This is the problem, now none of the tables will load. I get an error "Cannot load activex component" when it loads the b2s table component. Im hoping someone has been here and has seen this issue? Posts on the usual forums seemed to indicate re-registering the b2s component would solve the problem but no luck with that. Ive spent 3 hours on it so far and no dice... Do i need to do somethine specific to disable tje lcd dmd and enable the pin2dmd?
  5. I worked it out! I went back over the documentation line by line and double checking all of my work, then I realized a silly mistake. I had made a typo in the GlobalConfiguration_b2SServer.xml file name 'Golbal...' and did not pick it up when checking it on the DOF tester. It was simply the fact that it effectively did not have a Global config file there... Renamed the file and 'bingo!', got blinky lights. Ahh, so much time wasted over a simple typo!
  6. I don't believe I have more than one install since it's a fresh install. However, I do have a copy of the Visual Pinball folder on the PC (renamed) - What is the best way to check for this? Edit: I checked registered DLL's with an app i found and there is only one instance of both DOF and B2s so I'm pretty confident that is not the issue
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping for a bit of assistance here. I had to reload my Pinball machine due to upgrade. I had the latest versions of DirectB2S and DOF running fine on the old setup. I backed up the hard drive, reloaded windows from scratch and have reinstalled VP 990 but also tried with older versions, DirectB2S, DOF VPINMame etc. and copied all of the config files back over to the relevant folders on the new install. Everything is working ok apart from my toys when playing a table. The DOF tester controls all my toys fine (ArtNet controller) and the backglasses are working fine too. When I go to the DirectB2S config, Addins are enabled and the DOF addin shows fine but the toys just don't fire! I've checked all of the DOF DLL/EXE for blocking and they are all fine. DOF is installed in c:\DirectOutput and i have a shortcut in my tables\Plugins folder pointing to it (as before) I've been messing with this for a day and have got nowhere. What could be wrong?
  8. This one is a bit different from the others as it does not require you to reprogram the USB -> Serial controller in the Arduino. It uses Arnet/DMX instead. It means your investment in an arduino is ~$10 more for the ethernet one but it simplifies things a lot. Most PC's in cabs will have an ethernet connection and my cab uses Wireless for management anyway... My setup utilises DOF and an Ethernet enabled Arduino talking to my board which is basically a Ledwiz with no USB interface. It took a while for me to get it all up and running but once I had the DOF side of it sussed, it was a quick process to get the arduino controlling the lights. My cab is currently utilising all 32 outputs - 5 X RGB, 11 Contactors, Start Button, Coin, knocker and 3 X strobes and it works beautifully. This setup has the same limitations of the LedWiz as far as electrical connections. If you need to run more than 800ma per output or AC then you'll need a booster board or Relays. Total cost could be as low as about $40 depending on your skills and resourcefullness of aquiring parts. Me, I already had a bunch of ethernet enabled Arduinos so it was just a matter of making up the board. You can generally buy An arduino for less than $10 from an auction site and the Ethernet shield is about the same, bang it together with this board (~$20 to make) and you have a pseudo LedWiz! Please Note: I'm not trying to steal anything away from the Ledwiz, nor would i claim this is better than a genuine ledwiz - It's just another way of doing things. If you're on a tight budget and have some PCB making skills then it's likely this might be useful to you - If not, then you might be better sticking with the genuine thing. However, I can probably supply CNC machined PCBs at a fairly low cost. Quick clip of it in action on SS.... The board is in sprint layout format (free viewer available) For the Arduino code you will need the shiftPWM library as well. ledwiz_Artnet_ShiftPWM_1_2.zip
  9. Ahhh, FINALLY! Got a nice flashy light!!! All i had to do was move the LewizEquivalent into a toys tag and it's all sweet. FYI, If i set the broadcast to then it only broadcasts on the NIC with the default gateway and this machine has 2 NICs so I had to leave it as it was. Thank you so much for your patience Tom, I cant wait to get some more bling in my cab.
  10. Hi all I've wasted hours and hours on this but I just can not get a single output on Artnet to fire. SwissLizard has helped me out on another forum but suggested the best place for it is this forum. I am trying to get the most basic of output working (flash the start light) but have made no progress in the last 24+ hours so here goes.. My (complete) cabinet.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <Cabinet xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name>Pinny</Name> <OutputControllers> <ArtNet> <Name>ArtnetNode1</Name> <Universe>0</Universe> <BroadcastAddress></BroadcastAddress> </ArtNet> <LedWizEquivalent> <LedWizNumber>100</LedWizNumber> <Name>LedWizEquivalent 100</Name> <Outputs> <LedWizEquivalentOutput> <OutputName>ArtnetNode1\ArtnetNode1.001</OutputName> <LedWizEquivalentOutputNumber>1</LedWizEquivalentOutputNumber> </LedWizEquivalentOutput> </Outputs> </LedWizEquivalent> </OutputControllers> </Cabinet> SwissLizard suggested the Artnet device should be subbed to a LedWizEquivalent device so that's how i have it. I have made no changes to the standard Table config (SS) XML file other than to ensure <AddLedControlConfig>true</AddLedControlConfig> is in there. DirectOutputConfig100.ini [Colors DOF] Black=5,5,5 White=48,48,48 Red=48,0,0 Yellow=48,48,0 Orange=48,24,0 Lime=0,48,0 Green=0,24,0 Cyan=0,48,48 Blue=0,0,48 Purple=12,0,24 Violet=24,0,48 Magenta=48,0,48 Brown=24,12,0 [Config DOF] SS,L88,W18 Blink,ON,L87,ON,ON,S7,0,0,S23/S28/S11/S20,S23/S11,S17/S11,ON,0,0,S5 100 I8,S27/S35/S10/S21,S10/S21,S19/S10,S36/S11/S25,S11/S25,S19/S11,S12/S10/S11/S22,S12/S10/S11,S17/S18/S19/S12/S10/S11,S23/S24/S10/S20,S23/S10,S18/S10,0,0,0,0 When i load the table in the tester: 2013.11.16 10:12:24.469 Global config loaded from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\Tables\GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml 2013.11.16 10:12:24.470 Loading Pinball parts 2013.11.16 10:12:24.470 Loading script files 2013.11.16 10:12:24.470 Script files loaded 2013.11.16 10:12:24.470 Loading cabinet 2013.11.16 10:12:24.470 Will load cabinet config file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\Tables\cabinet.xml 2013.11.16 10:12:24.477 Cabinet config file has AutoConfig feature enable. Calling AutoConfig. 2013.11.16 10:12:24.477 Cabinet auto configuration started 2013.11.16 10:12:24.483 Cabinet auto configuration finished 2013.11.16 10:12:24.483 Cabinet config loaded successfully from C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\Tables\cabinet.xml 2013.11.16 10:12:24.483 Cabinet loaded 2013.11.16 10:12:24.483 Loading table config 2013.11.16 10:12:24.483 Will load table config from C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\Tables\ScaredStiff_FS_B2S.xml 2013.11.16 10:12:24.485 Table config loaded successfully from C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\Tables\ScaredStiff_FS_B2S.xml 2013.11.16 10:12:24.485 Table config allows mix with ledcontrol configs. 2013.11.16 10:12:24.485 Will try to load configs from DirectOutput.ini or LedControl.ini file(s) for RomName SS 2013.11.16 10:12:24.487 Loading LedControl file C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\Tables\DirectOutputconfig100.ini 2013.11.16 10:12:24.488 1 directoutput.ini or ledcontrol.ini files loaded. 2013.11.16 10:12:24.488 Config for RomName SS exists in LedControl data. Updating cabinet and config. 2013.11.16 10:12:24.488 Table config loading finished 2013.11.16 10:12:24.488 Pinball parts loaded 2013.11.16 10:12:24.488 Starting processes 2013.11.16 10:12:24.488 Initializing cabinet 2013.11.16 10:12:24.497 ArtNet node ArtnetNode1 (controlling universe 0) initialized and updater thread started. 2013.11.16 10:12:24.497 Cabinet initialized 2013.11.16 10:12:24.498 Framework initialized. 2013.11.16 10:12:24.498 Have fun! It looks like everything is sweet but it just does not work! When i load the table config tester, This generates an Artnet packet which I see (all 0 for 512 outputs) and I toggle the L88 output but the artnet packet never sends. Checking the 'Show cabinet config' in the front end, There seems to be a lack of the LedwizEquivalent device in output controllers - Should it be there? Nor does it list any toys etc. The window is bare other than the details of the ArtNetNode1 Please - This is killing me! I'd appreciate some further pointers. Thanks
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