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    Very nice. Thank you.
  1. Hi Brad,


    You had done some artwork for my MAME cabinet sometime ago and I was wondering if you were still in the business.  I am working on my virtual pinball cabinet and want to order some art.




  2. Goin' Nuts (Gottlieb 1983) db2s

    Thank you Chucky
  3. Star Wars (Data East 1992)

    The master is at it again. Thank you Wildman!
  4. The table looks and plays great, but I cannot here the sounds normally produced in the game e.g. "Judgement Day" as stated by Arnold. I can here the ball rolling and the flippers flipping. I have opened the door (End key) and turned the volume all the way up to 30. I also have turned up the VPX volume to max. Is it possible I am using the wrong rom ( t2_l8.zip)? I see that is what is required b the script. I have the "WPC.vbs" file saved into my "Scripts folder. Otherwise the lighting effects look great even on my 1080 p monitor. It really draws you in. Thanks for the update Hannibal. John PROBLEM SOLVED: I must have had a bad rom file. I re-downloaded t2_l8.zip and now it is working. Happiness ensued. :-)
  5. Topper collection by Laylow

    Bertie you are a machine. I do not have a topper, but I am going to try these out as my DMD videos. Thanks
  6. Diablo (2017)

    So beautiful I cried. Thanks Wildman
  7. Cactus Canyon

    Well done
  8. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Beauty. Now I need to save up some more funds. I just picked up pinball legs, coin door, mechs etc. yesterday :-)
  9. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Thanks for clarifying that. I have a 5 vdc power supply and USB cables. so all I need is your controller and two of these? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/160-80mm-64-32pixels-1-16-Scan-Indoor-SMD2121-3in1-RGB-full-color-P2-5-LED/32707934982.html?spm=2114.01010208.3.1.4i4Ppg&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_7_10152_10065_10130_10068_10150_10139_10136_10137_10060_10138_10062_10141_203_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_9912_129_10103_10102_10096_10052_10144_10053_10142_10107_10050_10143_10051_10525_10529_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_10516_10515_10078_10079_10073_10070_10122_10123_10124-9912,searchweb201603_1,afswitch_1,ppcSwitch_5,single_sort_0_default&btsid=b0919dbd-36ed-4fe2-a946-99f685a6bef1&algo_expid=74a253c6-b1c2-4959-9e86-0b2622b1f612-0&algo_pvid=74a253c6-b1c2-4959-9e86-0b2622b1f612
  10. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Excuse my ignorance, but I am still not sure what to buy. I am currently using a monitor as a DMD on my cabinet. I am looking for a complete solution to replace my monitor with a DMD display that will not kill the budget. I see references to controllers, shields etc., but that is all French to me. I require a colour DMD and a way to hook it up to my PC for Visual Pinball X, Future Pinball and Pinball FX2. Can someone off me some advice and possibly a photo of a complete all-in-one kit that does not require soldering etc? Thanks.
  11. Virtual Pinball Cab 46" / 27" / Dmd

    Wow. That NEC monitor is $1,800.00 USD, which equates to one million dollars Canadian [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Hi. I am not really sure which one to order. I am thinking it is Option 8 as I want a DMD that I can use for Visual Pinball cabinet. Is this the one that has everything I need? thanks. john
  13. 48" 30" Pin2Dmd Indiana Jones Widebody

    I saw that after. My bad. That is a beast. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  14. 4K or 1080p Playfield

    Monitors of that size are so expensive though. This project is a tough enough sell for my bride as it is [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro