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  1. Wow, thank you outhere, I see it now. I cannot believe I was foolish enough to overlook this back when I downloaded the other files. Thanks for getting me back on track - I do appreciate the assistance!
  2. So I have spent the last two evenings trying to get CCC running. I have been unable to get the older "Install CCC.bat" to function due to dead links. After reviewing this thread and numerous others I saw that CarnyPriest referenced a 3.4 setup package he posted in an earlier post. I have searched this thread numerous times and cannot for the life of me locate the link. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I may still be out of luck if I cannot locate other files but really want to attempt to get it working. The other install steps and check installation .bat all seem to work fine. Thanks Carny, Thalamus and others - you have certainly helped me a great deal with your input and posts. BeachBum
    Wildman, thank you! Wow, fast work getting this out, I just downloaded the table. I really appreciate your efforts and always look for a Wildman release when choosing my backglasses. You are a true gift to the pinball community.
    Thanks wildman, a great backglass for this rare table. Your files are definitely a great contribution - thank you.
    As Kirk mentioned above you ARE the king. I love the older tables and you have been the only source for some of the backglasses I needed. Thank you!
    Thank you Wildman for another fantastic backglass
    Thanks for another great backglass wildman! Your work is appreciated
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