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  1. Koplings

    SAM table problems 2.9 and VPX 10.2

    yes it is weird but you have given me something to think about...... Ya - my cabinet is a hodgepodge; its a miracle it works but somehow it does....somehow 2.9 is exposing all my mistakes of the past....o:) I only have one copy of the VPX executable installed but i do have two separate folders for VPinMAME 2.7 and 2.9 as i try to figure this out.. I don't think that's the problem though because i originally just kept renaming each One "Vpinmame" and then ran the setup.exe the setup within and had the same problem. I have all the roms copied and reside in both foldders so i would have thought when i run setup from whichever folder i have renamed vpinmame it should set he registry values correctly but i don't know... Yes it is very frustrating... i would have thought if i can rundthe new acdc VP10 i should be able to run everything...let me troubleshoot tomorrow and ill repost.. I think it may have something to do with pinball x but I need to test out my idea....I think you may have put me on to something.... thanks again!
  2. Could use some expert help here so I don't mess up what I already have working. Trying to get the various Stern SAM tables (about 10 of them) working with VP10 and pinmame 2.9 but no luck. basically for all of them they open up and i get either i) the rom not found error or ii) they just kinda crash; they open up but the playfield doesn't illuminate and i have to ctrl alt delete and log off to get out. I'm Using windows 7 and pindmd3 for my dmd. I'm using VPX 10.2 and have the following problem: Here's what i know works and doesn't 1) registering and running pinmame 2.7 - i believe I have all the sam tables working fine with pinmame 2.7. (i.e. for the PM5 tables i went through the rom renaming months ago and got everything to work). Most of the VP10 versions kinda work although for some i get a "modulated flashers not supported" error that i have to click ok and then they will still work. 2) registering and running pinmame 2.9 - i went through this to try and get the newest VP10 acdc tables to work, I got some help from a another member getting my pindmd3 to work with these tables. Now for some reason all of the other sam tables don't work as described above but VP10.2/2.9 acdc does which seems strange to me. if go back to 2.7 everything else works but the acdc obviously does not using VP10.2/2.7.. So something to do with my pinmame 2.9 setup is crashing all my other sam tables them whereas when i use 2.7 they all still work Any idea what i may be doing wrong? I recall copying my 2.7 folder and then using it to put the new 2.9 into so i would have thought i still had all the right file structures. i made sure i also installed the newest B2S and doflinx.ini as i read you have to do. Basically i think i'm missing something obvious but am pretty confused as to where to go from here...
  3. Koplings

    DofLinx and Future Pinball help please

    pm me and ill send you my .ini
  4. Koplings

    BAM BAckbox problem

    I actually gave up and created two sets of .cfg files in manual mode and will cut and paste.....
  5. I'm trying to stretch the backglass for those tables with DMDs such that the grill disappears. what I am trying to do is: 1) for non dmd backglasses - use the stretch backglass BAM presets (as the default cfg) so that the backglass fills up the screen - I have this working 2) for dmd backglasses - use individual table configs and stretch the grills off screen such that no grill is showing - I can get this to work on a dmd table My problem is that when I do 2) suddenly all tables are now using table.cfg as the default setting an dnot the stretch backglass preset (i.e. non dmd backglasses are now not stretched at all) and when I set them back to 1) then everything reverts back to the stretch global preset and not the table.cfg I just made for a specific DMD table basically I want to get rid of the grill for al dmd tables altogether but leave all other tables using the stretch backglass global config in BAM..
  6. Hi there can someone who has DOFLinx working with Future Pinball post their log and directoutputconfig files.. I cant get mine to work and i've been fumbling around in the guides for awhile. I think i'm pretty close but id like to see someone's files that are actually working so I can troubleshoot mine. thanks ps I have DOF working for Visual pinball its just Future pinball that I can't get to work.
  7. Koplings

    SAMbuild 2.8b02 question

    I changed both the actual rom names in the roms folder AND the names in the scripts. that's why im a bit puzzled - the only one I got to work again of the three was Avengers. I think it has something to do with B2s server. when I change the script to Vpinmame.controller the roms load fine. when I change it to B2s.server these two tables now it hang up. never had this problem with iron man or X-men before. is there something else I should be updating? thanks
  8. I have updated to this this, followed the instructions, and have all my PM5 tables working again except: a) Iron man - rom now not found X-Men - rom now not found c) The Avengers - fixed the problem when I renamed the rom from avg to avs as indicated in the release notes and changed the cgamename rom to the same avs in the script For Iron Man and X-men this did not work - the games still cannot find the roms even when both the rom and script are changed to im and xmn respectively any ideas?
  9. Koplings

    Shrek Rom Problem

    using that rom did the trick Thanks a bunch!
  10. finally got around to trying the Shrek patch. it looks like I have the table patched correctly but when I try to run it I get the invalid rom or rom path error. I have the rom from the site in my roms folder. i've checked to make sure the rom name in the script and the rom are the same. this is the only table I get this error. any thoughts?