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  1. Unless you have a weird FP setup.... you hit "scroll lock" then "page up" and "Page down" switches options.. and 2 4 6 8 on the numpad number keys, you have to use the numpad numbers on the right of the keyboard.
  2. Wildman will do anything for beer. He once cut off all his hair for 10 bucks in the chatroom. You want Stern tables? Buy Wildman beer. You want to end Global warming? Buy Wildman beer. WIldman can't help you without beer. For god's sake man, send him beer. Do it now! He doesn't need anymore attaboys, he needs beer! WTF are you still reading this for? You want to save pinball? Send Wildman beer! Paid for by the SendWildmanBeer Fanclub of America.
  3. AL's Trigon BG mockup looked great, this shiva Trigon BG image sucks.
  4. Fixed! It works great now WM. Thanks a lot! Awesome job on all of your BG's!
  5. Looks great WM, I had to unhide DMD to check it out, will be super awesome when you finish it. Thanks for making it for me, now I need a crisp RoadShow.
  6. Lots of great tables out there. The VP devs and authors are doing great things, all over my head and I don't want to learn anything new anymore. This is not my favorite table, not even my favorite table made by me, but I played my Mars Attacks FS DB2S table the other night after trying out some new tables and I swear to me, it was more fun, I love the sounds, it has freaking animated flaming fire on it and plays so smooth.... What's that? You never tried it? WTF, Go get it. No wonder I quit making tables.... http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7475
  7. You can easily wash your hair with a bar of soap too, but that doesn't make it the best way.
  8. Can you get to this page. That is the owner of the site and he got your Gold Member money and he will help you. http://virtuapin.net/index.php?main_page=contact_us&zenid=3e52d204fa3cd06d0844d8e700c88df2 Here is the info if you can't get there either. VirtuaPin Cabinets 10175 Colonial Industrial Dr South Lyon, MI 48178 USA (248)252-6871
  9. scroll all the way to bottom of this page and in the left corner is the image to look for. It says Chatrooms next to it.
  10. I wasn't scolding you Loaf. You know I think you were the greatest admin VPF ever had and you did it all for free. Good times back then. I miss PacDude. I don't get excited too much about VP anymore, it's great, but the people, not so much, they have changed the fun high schoolish arcade atmosphere of pinball into more of a serious hobby environment and I hate to be serious about anything in life.
  11. Let's see if this works.... Links to VPF download list of my releases there, many clunkers. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=519&userMode=all&search_app=downloads&search_app_filters[downloads][searchInKey]=files&search_app_filters[downloads][files][sortKey]=title&search_app_filters[downloads][files][sortDir]=1 I do have one DB2S FS table here. Super Vs Ali, it is included with Wildman's backglass that he made for it.
  12. Thanks Itch. You are a nice guy too. To Loafer and Spektre, I was trying to say no in the nicest way I knew how. I don't like the angle/layback settings, it doesn't have the newest png image plastics edging, needs the rails removed, it's not the latest version that I have, the backglass wasn't made by me or Itch, so how can I give permission for it to be released in a mod. I could create a DB2S of this table in about an hour, so why would I need someone to do a mod of it if I was interested in cab version being out there. The last 2 DB2S tables I have released brought no reaction from anyone, I took that as a silent nod as we don't need your low res stuff on our cabs. If people want authors to keep releasing then they have to comment, last thing I need is to be grouped with Faralos.
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