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  1. @Rappelbox what are my chances of receiving both orders before Christmas? I had planned to have the vpin built by then to give to nephew as a gift but there is very little time left to finish it in time. If not, I will need to pursue a refund and try to find the supplies elsewhere and I really do not want to do that at this point Has anyone else received orders recently?
  2. @Rappelbox ? could you please respond to PM or here please with some form of update? Much appreciated!
  3. @Rappelbox any update for me? no answers to my PMs anymore Thanks!
  4. @Rappelbox what about both of my orders? should i look for a refund from amazon or will it actually be shipped soon? Thanks
  5. @Rappelbox any update? It looks like status for both of my orders remains the same and have not bren shipped yet
  6. @Rappelbox great! hopefully it can go out around the same time as my previous order from a while ago. really looking forward to finally getting it! Thanks
  7. @Rappelbox good! I ordered it assembled. Will that affect the shipping time or do you already have assembled boards in stock?
  8. @Rappelbox I probably should have asked before placing yet another order after not even receiving the first one. Is the pinscape chime board ready to ship or is it backordered or something? Thanks!
  9. It looks like I forgot a chime board so I just placed an order for that (100111884). Hopefully you can manage to get that one out in next 3-4 days as well. Much appreciated!
  10. @Rappelbox any update? I am still not able to use my vpin at all until i get the controller and stuff. this is in regards to order#2019071838-001
  11. glad to hear! Unfortunately I am still patiently waiting for my order to arrive so that I can finally finish my vpin
  12. @Rappelbox Does the "next couple days" apply to my order as well? Thanks!
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