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  1. for the issues with teedoff3 try this: teedoff3.zip
  2. Version 1.0.0


    For those using something like PinballX and need a table audio for Whoa Nellie - I found this on the web and it seems to work well with the table Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons mp3 Table Audio
  3. Here is my MOD, my scripting is VERY sloppy, all the credit goes to the original author - i just moved the score, ball and credit to the back glass and made some other minor mods deadpool_dwadeMOD.zip
  4. I will go ahead and share what i did - if this offends the original author i will remove it Houdini_dwadeMOD.zip
  5. I modified this for a cabinet with an B2S, moved the score, balls, credits to the B2S backglass, I also change the script for 5 ball game play and made some other minor changes, all the real credit goes to the original author. Do I need permission to zip this up and share?
  6. NEVERMIND - vortex.zip is the required ROM to make this table work
  7. Table loads up, plays music, I can exit now after I edited the script for the info above. Lights never come on in the B2S, music plays, can't start a game If it was a different table i would say it seems like its missing the ROM - wont start I am running 10.6 - i checked it does have the taito.vbs in the scripts folder
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