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  1. Did you compile a xml database for hyperpin?
  2. You need to add a file with note pad vpexetables in your hyperpin directory under settings like this
  3. The game of thrones coming soon https://www.facebook.com/sternpinball , So this table will be a great release very soon I hope . I hate to see you get out of table building, You have some great tables.
  4. This would be a cool table to play, Any link out there for the WIP?
  5. Family guy works pretty good and the shrek mod does too.
  6. Sweet fren thanks, Dozer TRS plays great thank you
  7. Paul how do I get some of the vp 10 tables I see in your profile from the link? Tables like king kong, king pin and some of the other vp10 tables or point me in the right direction, Thanks in advance
  8. Wow I worked on this for a few days, Thinking I was doing something wrong, Works great now. Big thanks to Dozeraus and Paulohotline. Now I get to try all the new vp 10 tables out. One more thing can I make a folder (vpexetables) in hyperpin/settings like the other physic mod tables to play them in hyperpin? Could I put it in the same folder and after the game name would it be vpinballx.exe?
  9. I download the 1724 beta of vp 10 is this correct or am I missing something?
  10. Not sure what is going on, But everytime I try to load a table in vp10 I get error "cannot load table of that type". I installed it the way I have done all the vp updates, In the visual pinball file? It opens fine but cannot get past this point any help would be great.
  11. Great Job, This will be cool to play. PM5 too
  12. So MET will be out of production soon?
  13. Brtlkat

    Star Trek

    Very Cool Fren, Nice work, Looks like a great table. Thanks for all the hard work on all your tables.
  14. Very cool, Shreks a Great table,, Cannot wait . Family guy plays great, This will be sweet to have both.
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