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  1. Hi All, Back around page 7 there was mention of a DOF map text file (but the downloaded file appears to be empty and 0 bytes) and later a few DOF values given for Cactus Canyon Continued: E88 - Start Button Lamp E151 - Knocker. Is there a full table that shows the DOF map for everything in CCC? In particular, I am trying to use the following in my DOF config: The "Stranger" lamp (L11) The "Partner" lamp (L12) The "Deputy" lamp (L13) The "Sheriff" lamp (L14) The "Marshall" lamp (L15) The "Gunfight" lamps (L47/L50) The "Bounty" lamp (L25) I put the working codes from Cactus Canyon just for reference, though these are not working in Cactus Canyon Continued. Any help greatly appreciated! Regards, Dino
  2. @arngrim can you please add support for the rom st_161c for "Star Trek Stern Pro"? Thanks in advance! Dino
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