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  1. Thanks Thalamus, I guess being relatively new specifics might be yet to be learnt, I am not sure how to explain it apart from it seems normal right up to when the ball should pop in to the plunger, almost like someone forgot to put the ball in the machine. when you press start they usually make the noises like they are starting but no ball appears. Thanks for your suggestion on my vague info I will try and use that to sort it out. The monitors I am using at the moment are just what I had laying around so maybe I will try and keep the 4:3 style backglass, although it might make it a bit high if I add the DMD and speaker grilles. I have been thinking about a curved screen for a playfield, haven't seen any done like that and I think it might be an interesting look. Thanks again for your suggestion and forgive me for my lack of detail. Hopefully one day I will know the system fairly well.
  2. haha, I have many tables working but a few make all the sounds for adding coins and the plunger works but the start doesn't seem to work and no ball pops in to the plunger shoot. Just curious if there is a quick fix for this or if I just need to keep plugging away I am only using VPX tables and running them in the VPX player not a front end at this stage. I am just working off the ground at the moment until I am confident with the software then i will build my first cabinet which will most likely be a mini cab. Magic Castle as pictured all works good.
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