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  1. Hi Donbrian, I also just put in my pinsound board, what an epic upgrade this thing is! For now i cant seem to get any of the colorfiles i traced to work. Found some on pinside but either i am a total noob or the files just dont work, now running 3 color palette but this thing screams for a colored dmd remake Hope one day someone makes this possible for data east JP, im realy bummed that i didnt buy a color dmd and the guy who sold it didnt say there was no color for pin2dmd as i slpecificly asked him to put on it. But i'm sure some color wizzard wil make this happen some day Fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks, i never got it to work so after trying and trying i gave up and have my dmd in 3 colors now. Bummer. But good to know its maybe not totaly my fault🥴
  3. Hi NetzZwerg, have you got the color file working in your real data east pin? I got a color file from a pinside member but cant get it to work somehow. Probably cause im a computer noob. Like to know if i have a chance to get it working in color Greetings
  4. If someone has the knowlledge and time, can someone please make me a Folder i can copy, so i can place my key in it and then see if its working? Been messing for hours but think that something is wrong with my files?
  5. Its not finished but see post 2 https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-colorization-of-jurassic-park
  6. Hi guys, I have a jurassic park data east collored file i want to run, but after hours of trying..... The problem i keep running in to is this: I got the color files, and i can see whe i put the sd card in it tries to run in color, i see the jp island in multi color, but then poof it jumps back to 3 collor pallet, and sometimes changes from yellow pallet style to bleu to pink. It kinda looks like its running two diffrent set ups at once? Any insight on this
  7. I had to erase my sd caus both my laptop and my pc didnt recognize the sd and i had to formatt it. I got my keyfile from Lucky1 and put it on the clean sd. Then i downloaded the software file fron pin2dmd.com. I placed the files on the sd card. I can use pallet and 3 collor style. Then i replaced the fsq and pal file with the ones Malenko send to me. For some reason it started in color and then went to mixing pallet collors.
  8. Hi guys, i just got my pin2dmd an i was trying to get the files from Rensh on my dmd too. I use the sd to put the files on it. MALENKO was so kind to make them for data east for me, but i cant seem to get them to work. Weird thing is, i started up and the island was in full collor green blue water and red letters ,but then it started switching into some weird pallet combinations. Can one of you guys shed some light on this? Maybe i m missing a file or something? If someone can post a list of wath is installed on your sd and were to put the files would be of great help (TOTAL NOOB ALLERT!!!)
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