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  1. In case anyone has trouble getting this table to run on a PC. I was having a problem with the game throwing out an alert that there was something wrong with Line 141 in the script = 'Controller.GameName="potc_600as" ' I had the correct rom (I got it from here), and I knew it was named correctly. I even downloaded another copy directly from Stern and it did the same thing. I went through the script looking for anything obvious. I didn’t see anything, but I did come across this line, near the front of the script (line 9). “Const cController = 3 ‘0=Use value defined in cController.txt, 1=VPinMAME, 2=UVP server, 3=B2S server, 4=B2S with DOF (disable VP mech sounds)” I’m not using a B2S server right now, because I’m just using my PC, and I haven’t built a cabinet yet. So I changed the “3” to a “0” and the table now works for me. You can also change it to a “1” and it will work, as long as you are using Vpinmame. Cheers! MoK ^-^
  2. Thanks Carny; I used MAME for a long time, but that was also a long time ago. I had forgotten about the parent/clone thing. I did remember this yesterday afternoon, when I had no sounds on Hook. I appreciate the help, and if I posted an erroneous rom, I apologize, but I did it with good intentions. Cheers; MoK^-^
  3. Version 9.4CH


    this is a working copy of the rom needed to run The latest version of Twilight Zone v.2.1 tz_94ch.zip
  4. Is the media pack available? It has none of the sounds.
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