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  1. Hello After a long wait, I finally received my Nucleo F429ZI. I flashed it with the latest version of PIN2DMD and I still have the same problem, nothing on the screen. I want to cry 🙂 So here are some screenshots if anyone can help me? Thank you and good day.
  2. arf, I had not seen ... Thank you all for your help
  3. On this : he only uses these components :
  4. Oh yes i will try...thanks you ! (I thought the capacitors are only there for the pinball connection)
  5. Hello, I'm trying to run my pin2dmd but I do not have anything on the screen. The first time, I had a few lines because I was wrong on the solder card sd ... but now I have nothing that appears. The Nucleo is in V3. the leds are well fed in 5v but nothing works 😞 The problem is that I do not know where to start to check? Can you help me. Thank you and good day. Ps: I have not yet put all the components for the pinball part, I think it does not matter!
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