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  1. I used this on my VPIN set up and it is awesome thank you. Would love a copy for my real pin Could you please export a copy for real pins?
  2. So getting a reply from author doesn't seem to be working. So if I want to convert the files what are my options? Dump all the scenes in vpinmame and use the editor to export for real pin or is there an easier way?
  3. so there is no way to use the Tales from the crypt files on this site for real pinball? No way to convert them from VP to real?
  4. Hello this is my first Pin2DMD i have. I have firmware updated and waiting for my unlock key. My question is ho do I load the colorization files for a real pin. I have downloaded a .vni and .pal file for Tales from the crypt. Do i just copy those onto the SD card? or do I need to rename them first? or do I need to use Pin2dmd.exe to load them thanks in advance for the help
  5. So I can’t start the colonization process until I get the parts and the display built?
  6. i have parts coming to make some pin2dmds I plan on putting this in my real LAH i have the roms on my PC and wanted to start the colorization process but have no idea how to extract the videos/scenes from the rom any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. I got all the parts coming in a few weeks to build some PIN2DMDs i was wondering if anyone has done any work on last action hero? or am I going to have to start from scratch?
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