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  1. I did not ask you to change my situation. I am looking for the problem thats underlying. I dont think that it is a performance thing. I dont think that it is your doll. I think sonething in my Setting is wrong. I am looking for help to find this problem. In my case freezy and yours are not behaving similar. I really would prefer to use your dll, but I cant. Greets
  2. I tried to change the video preferences in vpx. Normaly I use the high end PC setting. Now I tried the LowEndPC Setting, but nothing changed. I get sound stutter with your dll. And that is a pity, because your graphics are betten than freezys
  3. But why is there no problem with freezys dll? any Idea to get a better performance? do I need new hardware?
  4. How can I start the game in setup? I know How to start the rom
  5. I tested a view roms now. With apollo13, I could test it. With vpinmame setup there is no stutter in startup music, but if I am running the game, there is stutter.
  6. That a difficult question. The stutter usually start with starting the game and thats not possible in pinmame setup.
  7. Hi lucky, I read the post and changed the dmddevice.log.config but nothing changes. My system is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600x Sixcore and a gtx 1080. 16gb Ram The sound stutters also if I start a table without coloring?? How can it be a performance issue, while I am not having this problem with freezys dmddevice.dll?
  8. Hi lucky, I read the post and changed the dmddevice.log.config but nothing changes. My system is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600x Sixcore and a gtx 1080.
  9. Hi, I got a new problem. I a cabinet with 2 screens and a pin2dmd. In the past I used Freezys dmddevice.dll (1.8.0). With that my roms (DMD and sound) worked perfect. In the last weeks I started to update my tables to colorized pin2dmd. Now I get flickering with freezys dmddevice.dll. Therefore I changed to luckys dmddevice.dll. With this the dmddisplay is perfect, no flickering at all. But now the sound is stuttering. Anybody got an idea? Thanks in Advance
  10. Hi Lucky, sorry could not answer due to autumn holydays . I tested dmddevice 3.17 from github before reading this. I think it is the same version. Now the colors work. But there is another problem to mention. I get stuttering of the sound with both versions 3.17 und 3.13. When I use freezy 1.8.0 the sound is smooth??? Greets Adolar
  11. there are some samples. Picture one is with the right colors picture zero is with the dmddevice 3.13 picture 2: shows the device while starting
  12. The RGB Sequence looks like always, when the computer starts. And if I go back to your older dmddevice.dll or one of freezys everything looks fine.
  13. Hi I got a vpin with 2screen setup and a pin2dmd. Now I updated my dmddevice.dll to the actual version 3.13. Now the dmd colour are changed (I use altcolor files). I also updated the firmware to the newest version, but nothing changes DMD works, but with different colors. Did I miss anything or is it a bug? Thanks in advance
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