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    if that is in fact Polly, she don't look like she needs saving
  1. you're very much right, i'm really hoping for the Big Lebowski to come to VPX, since that was an awesome movie.
  2. don't know if i should go after that list, i could make you a top 5 of my favourites. 1. Jpsalas TOTAN VPX (with a few adjustments, it's like playing the real thing) 2. the walking dead PM5 (great physics) 3. Star Trek VPX (it's Star Trek, what more do you need?) 4. AC/DC PM5 (great physics) 5. Congo VPX (good physics)
  3. okay, thank you. did not know that. then it's not like i'm doing something wrong, that is a relief.
  4. it's working very nicely now alltogether. i'm just having a little issue with coloring the DMD. i'm using the latest version PinMame 2.7 with the DLL that was released today 29-01-2016. when i use the option in PinMame to bring some color to the ROM, it's doing nothing much. what am i doing wrong here. i mean, i even tried to edit it manually in the Windows Registry and it saved them. When i play the game, it won't show the coloring i saved. i have the same problem with AC/DC, it won't color. i already checked in the table script, if i'm using/editing the right rom and i am.
  5. i had a lot of performance issues running VPX with a GTX660 3GB. . so now, i'm running a 3 screen cab with Win7 + HyperPin with an i5 @ 3.8Ghz and 16GB RAM and a Radeon R9 390 with 8GB. it's a bit overkill they tell me, but i have only recently been upgrading this last month, for about 3 years i had done nothing. so i just wanted to do it right. . performance is now pristine, i have no trouble with Star Trek vpx (one of the heaviest tables i think)
  6. i use the windows registry for the DMD values. i have a registry key called 'default' in the right place (where VpinMame saves your ROM keys) inside this default key there are the values like pos_x and pos_y and dmd_width / dmd_height or something like that. i never have issues with DMD position/size anymore.
  7. good news, now i'm just guessing here, but if you look at the file Controller.vbs it could say to open B2S.Server for all your tables. i've seen in new VPX tables they tell to check the Controller.vbs, so ALL your new vpx tables will try and run the B2S Server. you can adapt this to option 1, for VPinMAME.Controller.
  8. just a tip, don't know if you already tried it but.... there is a legit microsoft way to boot your win7 installer from a thumb drive. https://www.microsoft.com/nl-nl/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool i remember i used this one a lot, don't know about SSD since i don't have that much experience in that area. i recently bought a SSD for the PinCab and i cloned it with Reflection.
  9. surprisingly enough, it actually does work. however..... the VGA cable is just a bit too heavy to keep it steady inside the displayport. so i have to figure that out. if i keep holding it steady i have a DMD, otherwise i don't. but then of course i can't see the screen and play the game
  10. it's funny, i'm having something similar here. i bought the AMD 390 8GB, but of course this one has nog VGA support. i bought Displayport to VGA, i'm going to test it tonight or tomorrow.
  11. i don't want to be stepping out of line here, (but i'm going to anyway) i mean, if you're talking about getting the sfx and voices from the original (cartoon) series. i was wondering if there could/would be an update for Batman the Dark Knight, with an actual Batman voice in the pin. i mean right now, it's like Batman without Batman, you know what i mean right?
  12. thank you very much, it's working now. loving the actual / real voices.
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