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  1. Here's a 2021 update. Cant believe I started this in May of last year, and with the pandemic it took a few months to even pick it up again. I'm starting to near the finish line! This DMD is full of random transitions so it has been quite the task. I've even had to redraw full animations to make it clear.
    Thanks for this! It was the one eyesore for my TFTC table.
  2. Here are a few images to whet your appetite. Its slow going with the amount of work in this DMD, but its happening.
  3. Got it. I found one txt.gz and all my scenes loaded up. Thankfully I still had the .ani file. Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Update. Still going slow on this colorization. Life has gotten in the way. Patience is a virtue, and I am shooting for November release.
  5. I lost my txt.gz files from my project and when I load it, I get error messages that the captured video from the DMD is missing. When I choose proceed or remove, I get nothing in the Scenes. How can I salvage this project or do I have to capture everything again and start anew?
  6. Here's a taste of things to come. There is a TON of stuff in this DMD.
  7. Looks like I am going down the rabbit hole for this one. If you've played CV, you know the DMD is quite elaborate. Looking forward to the challenge, and stay tuned for updates! Here's an appetizer!
  8. Now available in the Downloads section! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Here's update one for Batman. This DMD is a bit more troublesome than I expected with the tearing in the animations, but it has resulted in freshly redrawn animations and images. Hope you like!
  10. Now that I finished Tales From The Crypt, I got the coloring bug and want to do another. I chose Batman, because aside from not seeing it out there now, I do love this table, this movie, and the music on it. As I am breaking the scenes down, I noticed that its an older DMD style, and a bit rougher. I may have to reanimate a bunch of scenes, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Stay tuned!
  11. Thanks again to everyone for the kind words. This is quite the undertaking for my first colorizing, and I am definitely learning a lot of tricks as I go. Here is a new set of updates, and testing is going well. I'm hoping to have something out there soon for everyone to test. Enjoy!
  12. Another update. Slow going with the keyframe detection but its happening!
  13. Here's another update. Starting to make a dent into the amount of scenes in this DMD. Couple of questions for the hive... This game has a lot of transitions between score and animations (wipes, fades, pixellate out) effects. I have been setting the keyframe to the scene where it fully appears. The only catch is that there is a blink of a regular pal0 palette on the animation when it transitions in above the score. Is there a way to combat this? Is there a way to preview my entire txt.gz file using the color palettes and scenes I have already done, so I can get an idea of what scenes I've completed fully and which still need work. The workflow for this program is a little inhibitive to see a completed project. When choosing colors, if I drag the color picker around instead of just picking, 8 out of 10 times the software crashes. Any fix? Thanks!
  14. Here's a few more updates. Thanks Rockdude233 and lucky1 for pointing me in the right direction. Multiple scenes and keyframes for dynamic content is the only way it works for an LCD, at least as far as I've discovered.
  15. I see. So I would have 20 single scenes, each one masked, and then 20 keyframes to match. Now the question is, since it’s a dynamic scene with the match numbers, I assume I would have to make the D-Mask set for the static image, (being the word Match) for all 20 frames. That makes sense in my head. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. Hello all. Have a questions regarding the masks and dynamic content. On the Match number screen at the end of the game, I have it set to ColorMask, colored all of the required areas, but the hitch is that I have an animation that plays BEHIND the match number. See GIF. The Bat is masked with the third set of colors, the score and the Cryptkeeper are the first set of colors. As the wings move around behind the match numer 1) 00, the mask of the bat disappears and I see the score's brown color on the bat. In the editor it looks fine, but on the pincab, the masks jostle around and dont really play as I see it in the editor. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  17. A few more updates. Still trying to perfect the masks changing on the DMD. its a little bit of trial and error.
  18. Unfortunately I don't have a real DMD, just a LCD. I am slugging through getting the frames colored, and I've noticed that the hash check mark for each of my keyframes disappears and reappears randomly. I assume that the frame is keyed since it is there in the Keyframe column, but shouldnt the CRC stay checked so I can reference it, and if I scroll through the frames after my keyframe, it then shows each CRC on plane 1 is checked, as well as what scene is assigned to it, which isnt true since I didnt mark those. If I click around a bit, the checkmarks come back. I think the hard part about keyframing the images is knowing exactly which one is marked.
  19. Ok, I think I found the glitch. Non dynamic scenes (no score or changing numbers) I had set to ColorMask, and had the + sign next to the keyframe and scene. I changed both over to the Replace (paintbrush icon) and now everything seems to be working lovely. My next question is for those of you who have colored entire roms before... To ensure I get the most out of the rom dump to the text file for my recording, I extended the size of the flippers in VPX just to keep the ball going as long as possible. This table has a TON of different scenes, and I was wondering if there was an alternate way to get every CRC out of the rom without actually playing the game. Not that I don't mind playing, but it can get tedious trying to find every single animation when you dont even know if its there.
  20. Ive watched every tutorial I could find as well as the text ones and PowerPoint ones. I think my issue was not being able to visualize the keyframes a’la Flash or Premiere. I also read that non dynamic scenes shouldn’t be set as ColorMasks, but rather as Replace. I’m in the process of changing them over and seeing if that fixes the issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. Evening hive mind, I’ve hit an impasse tonight. I uploaded the pal and vni into my cab and ran it with VPX. The colors for a bunch of things work but I noticed some problems with animated scenes - the palettes I chose will sometimes show up later than the scene by a second, or disappear before the animation is over. - the masks don’t line up to where I placed them, and the coloring is different than what I chose. It almost looks like the masks show up with a different palette. I realize that Keyframes may be the culprit and perhaps I am not to sure on how they work. My workflow goes like this. - I select a scene from the raw footage and Cut a scene - I create a new palette and assign it to the scene using the PAL button - I color the scene using ColorMask or Replace or sometimes both -I then get the bookmarked raw scene and assign a CRC hash to the first frame. - here I also assign the scene that I made. The CRC and Keyframe is a bit confusing. Do I assign the scene to the first CRC, or to every CRC in that animated sequence? - where should I assign scenes to a keyframe, at the one with the longest duration or delay? When I color the scenes, do I have to color every single frame or not? What exactly is the Duration for? How do I sync up the scenes? Keep in mind the colorization is working on my cab, just it tends to become jumbled. Thanks in advance! - Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Yes I can confirm once I pasted the marquee tool works again. I have noticed some displacement though when trying to Paste Over. It’s as if the copied material is not aligned with the mouse when I drag the new copy over (masks and such) Happens a number of times too. Will test further to see if I just wasn’t copying it correctly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  23. Been burning through this as much as I can today, I have a two year old boy and a pregnant wife so time coloring is limited. I am really enjoying this!
  24. Yep, the link you sent was the same one I downloaded the other day. Build is 26.03.2020. The only bugs I have so far: When dragging the circle around the color picker testing out colors, the entire UI will shut down to desktop. Happens random but not often. The Select marquee tool, I can use it once, copy what I need then paste over (Replacement Drawings) but after that, I cant use it again. I have to save, exit software, reboot exe and then I can do it again. Once per session basically. Happens every time. I also cant resize the marquee even though I have a cross arrow pointer showing.
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