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  1. Thanks to all of you for trying to help me out. Now I got a couple of clues. I will try to work on my colorization project - if I succeed, I'm certainly going to publish it. If anyone has an additional idea or even further colorizations of Mustang PRO for me - you are very welcome!
  2. I figured it out. Sharkky was only active for one day on Pinside in March 2016. I nevertheless tried to reach him, but I'm not very optimistic, that I will succeed. Other ideas?
  3. I tried before posting. Sadly Sharkky is not active since more than 15 month and did not reply my messages. Does anyone have additional ideas? I appreciate every hint.
  4. Thanks a lot. But, it's not for a real pinball. Sadly ...
  5. Hi, my name is Christian. I live in Germany and have just added a NIB Stern Mustang Pro to my Gottlieb Sys 80s. I'm just learning about my new pinball. I started the colorization and the changing of sounds via Pinball Browser and PIN2DMD-Editor. The PIN2DMD-Project and its initiators are overwhelming. My success in changing sounds was awesome. But I failed in the colorization - I'm not an artistic person ;-) Is there anyone out there, who has done a beautiful colorization for Mustang Pro and could transfer the result to me? Certainly I would honor the efforts. Cheers, Christian
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