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  1. Here's a functioning version that supports FTDI, Ultimarc, LedWiz, Pinscape, and Zebsboards output controllers. Minimal testing here so far but no issues that I can see. DOFSlaveR2.zip
  2. my mistake, someone forwarded the default judgement and I didn't read the date on it.
  3. Ultimately he owes the estate either product, materials, or cash plus the cnc machine that was on loan to him (assuming what he says is true). If he had a contracted early termination clause he could withhold a penalty to help defray the costs incurred but he would still owe the balance less the completed product delivered. It's a tough position to be in since you never keep 100% of the money in the bank against a possible cancellation. I have customers that cancel on me all the time and it always ends up costing me when it happens. You end up in a position where you have transferred deposit money into inventory that becomes money from your own pocket after refunding the sale. Generally you had no intention of carrying that same inventory at that point and all you can do is wait for the future sale(s) that balances it all out and hope that it happens soon. It sucks when it's a couple of grand, 100 grand would bury me, even in installment payments plus interest. Either way he owes, it's just a matter of figuring out how to pay it IMO.
  4. Wasn't posted on vpforums do I guess none of this ever really happened.
  5. It probably wouldn't make any difference if you did. The power for the ledwiz comes primarily from the usb cable for ledwiz operation. The power terminal is only to provide a path for flyback voltage when a coil de-energizes through the bank voltage inputs. It only connects to an internal diode in the IC chip. Definitely put the fuse in the power line coming from the power supply and terminating at the toys(s).
  6. Ouch..... not only $155,000 but the cnc router and the large format printer. That sounds more like he was given them to accomplish the work by skit-B and so remain skit-B assets. That's gonna cause some issues with his operation. The $155,00.00 alone would bury me. I was approached by Popadiuk/Zidware way back when and it was only after analyzing some research into his bill paying habits that I avoided getting myself into a similar mess. I guess it's a case of there but for the grace of God go I.
  7. silly suggestion but have you tried a different backglass just to rule out the possibility that it is coming from the B2S server? I realize that it is only in DOF R3 and not occurring in R2 but it couldn't hurt to eliminate all possibilities.
  8. New firmware released for the plunger...... http://www.zebsboards.com/index.php/forum/plunger/107-firmware-upgrades Removes the bobble on the ball on 1st pull-back, increases reolution and removes annoying pre-load for ball positioning.
  9. Make sure that you have 1 ledwiz device as well as the pacled64 device entered into the settings under the account tab. It won't generate what you need without it. Drop the directoutputconfig.ini into the tables directory in visualpinball and the tablemappings.xml into the direct output directory.
  10. I get how you're feeling... trust me, I more than get it. Over the past couple of years I've watched work that I've devoted a significant time and effort to get taken and retailed by others and other work that has been ported into open hardware and open source designs that have been released under a non-restrictive license. I've watched hardware and software ports come out where it blatantly relies upon the proprietary VID&PID numbers of copywritten products to even work....no one cares about that though. I see a guy posting in a thread about how wrong it is to sell a machine with the software installed and crying foul over the profiteering on the backs of other's hard work but no one seems to see the conflict of interest involved in that same guy selling his product and owning the site that hosts the software that he claims to be protecting.... no one cares about that either I see another guy in the same thread issuing complaints about the same thing while he posts in a different thread about how he can't easily upgrade his browser on his machine to utilize a new feature of some open sourced software because his version of windows isn't going to pass the genuine advantage verification....... but that's ok. I can't imagine that there is a commercial vendor of these machines out there that has never sold a machine that hasn't broken the rules. I don't think anyone in their right mind would just wake up one morning and think to themselves "I think I'll sink everything into building machines and selling them with no software on it" , that's just unrealistic. It's more likely to believe that someone builds one for themselves, their buddies see it and get them to build one for them (which would at least have some software on it to verify operation, if not a cloned drive of the original since that would be way easier and we all like to take the easy route in life when we can) and eventually a going concern is born. At that point I can believe that things settle into a more "legal" and "moral" method of operation. I guess my point is that life's too short to wrap yourself up in drama over how people treat each other. Personally, I don't condone taking advantage of others, but I don't think it's necessarily fair to single one entity out for something that is obviously going on throughout all of the facets of this hobby. I'm sure that had I posted this elsewhere someone else would chime in at this point and say "yeah but you're in bed with VPCabs" and I suppose they'd be right to a point, VPCabs is a customer of mine.... as are many of the members of the various forums out there. That doesn't mean that I'm in bed with them or that I'm even defending them, it's just my point of view. Just my .02 ....... which is in Canadian dollars so it's more like .015 ..... going back under my rock for awhile again, its safer and quieter there. Thanks everyone for letting me get that off my chest....
  11. I somehow doubt that a pinball museum in Seattle is getting rich from displaying a virtual pinball machine. To me this whole debate across the boards just seems like a case of (I used the link to the pic rather than copying and pasting it just to be sure that the original author didn't get upset.) Anymore it seems as though there's more finger pointing and name calling going on in the forums than anything constructive. It's one of the reasons that I've moved away from posting anywhere in the past year. It's kind of depressing actually as it used to be a great way to kill time.
  12. You also have AC leds in a DC machine, 1/2 of the leds will be blocking the flow of current. It won't burn out the leds but it will generate heat on them.
  13. Some better subroutines and more efficient coding but if yours is working fine then leave it alone.... I did code in the service menu buttons in an alternate button routine.....flip a switch and you get the coindoor open/close, and the service menu stuff. Also put out a gamepad only version of the firmware , came out to 20 buttons on that one. http://www.zebsboards.com/index.php/forum/plunger/107-firmware-upgrades#459
  14. Got it figured out. Thanks, zeb
  15. Burned down the existing firmware to the ground and re-wrote from scratch. The latest versions are located here..... http://www.zebsboard...are-upgrade#459 I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me about the plunger action in VP (made a couple of changes, might have to revise the plunger homing settings is all). This revision basically brings the plunger back to full functionality within windowsXP through to and including Windows10. Keyboard function is back in and the gamepad control panel dialog is working properly now and I've also created and released a gamepad button only version if anyone wants it. If anyone tries this out, please read the readme for instructions on how to get the bootloader comport info as I've put in instructions that allow you to find it without having to manually reset the controller. If you can send your feedback to zeb@zebsboards regarding the performance I would appreciate it. Thanks everyone. zeb
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