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  1. Hi - thanks for the great work! I've just tried the updated one on my real ST:TNG running a V4 Nucleo Pin2DMD on v3.05, and the red and blue engine parts still lag the main ship during the Enterprise flybys during attract mode. Overall though, great and impressive work!
  2. Thank you Lucky, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Hello all, I hope you don't mind me creating this topic here, it's the closest I could find to a go-DMD forum for support. I'm looking for the WiFi firmware for the ESP-01 on a Pin2DMD/go-DMD v3 shield that I'm using to create a go-DMD clock. I've searched through Steve's Bintray and Github repositories and it's eluding me. I did find his over the air WiFi flasher, but I can't find the user1.bin and user2.bin files he mentions in the readme for it. The shield currently has the ESP-01 WiFi firmware for a Pin2DMD on it, and that is working fine, so I know my flashing procedure is OK. I just need to replace it with the go-DMD WiFi firmware for the onboard ESP-01. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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