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  1. I can't see it moving to the right NetZWerg? Just some of the red dots becoming green is all? Please excuse my OCD. 😉
  2. It's as per factory settings... 1) BRE 2) DTW 3) JWS 4) DTW Does this on both of my cabs. Also tried Freezy's 1.71, 1.72 & 1.73 (all the same)...
  3. Does anyone know what would cause some of the red dots in the high scores (2nd & 4th for me) to be green (see attached image)? Doesn't do this in the video on the previous page? Awesome work by the way NetzZWerg!
  4. Freezy's dll has nothing to do with SAM build? However, both PinMAME (official) and SAM build work with Freezy's dll. Make sure you have unblocked the files and run "Setup" again after changing from PinMAME to SAM or vice-versa. Other than that, try a fresh installation.
  5. Follow Install Instructions here: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions Then make sure you have a folder called "altcolor" in your VPinMAME directory. The pin2dmd,pal & pin2dmd.vni files go inside a folder that matches the ROM name for the table... "mb_106b" for example. Also make sure you have "Use external DMD (dll)" and "oolorize DMD (4 colors) checked. Also "Show DMD/Display window" unchecked (hit F1 whilst running a table). See attached. Hope this helps.
  6. Managed to patch the ROM, however, haven't a clue what to do with the .dat file in order to generate the .pal file? I'm using a virtual DMD by the way. All other patches come with the .pal file.
  7. Guys, any ideas why Lucky's .pal & .vni files cause weird glitches in between transitions? I did try vbobrusev's update, which does not glitch, however, there is one row of missing dots off the bottom, which just looks wrong. All other colorized tables I've tried work for me. I'm just having trouble with this. Tried Freezy's 1.71 & 1.73 by thw way (both the same result). The glitch lasts for exactly 2 key frames between SOME (not all) animations/transitions. It's like there should be a black gap, but isn't if that makes sense? Also tried 2 different PC's (Win 7 & Win 10).
  8. Yea , Windows 7. I also heard that startup shortcuts don't work in Win10 (DOFLinx for example)? So... Will I notice that JIT is disabled (adverse DMD rendering/timing) for Stern tables?
  9. Just to let you know I'm having the same issue here (May 2019) with Freezy's 1.73 dll, latest SAM build (r4777) and VPX beta (rev3705). When I run any newer STERN table (AC/DC, Tron Legacy or Metallica for example) with external DMD checked, VPX crashes just as the DMD is about to start. When I test the same ROM through VPinMAME, or uncheck use external DMD, the table opens and plays fine. I don't really want to disable the JIT core for the reasons stated above by DJRobX. What to do??? *EDIT* Turning JIT off for each Stern ROM in the registry does allow the table to run. All other non-Stern tables are unaffected, regardless of JIT setting. So is this a Freezy, VPinMAME or VPX issue?
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