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  1. Hi all, I'm posting this because I'm kind of short of time and I think 95% of the work has been done. As you might know, Barnstorm lately added support for third-party executables to be called with Timeshock that allow for adding real DMD and force feedback support. With the former done with DMD extensions, I've spent some time interfacing DOF with the force feedback part. Tom was so nice to release the latest sources of DOF, so my fork basically compiles to an executable you can throw into the Pro Pinball installation folder and tell Pro Pinball to use it for sending force feedback info to. What signals are sent you can see here: https://github.com/freezy/DirectOutput/tree/propinball/ProPinballSlave#configuration Now, I'm wondering how to configure this. As far as I understood there are two ways of mapping the input signals to the output hardware. Is this all done in the XML? Are the .ini files only for VP ROMs? If any DOF configuration expert owning Pro Pinball wants to give it a try, I can post a (completely untested) binary of the executable. Cheers! EDIT: Yeah I'll read the doc when I get to it.
  2. Cheers, looking forward to that! And thanks @electricmagma for the customer service
  3. Nope, I don't think you'll be able to get any switches, you'll need to do with what I've posted in the image above.
  4. By switches you mean all the bulbs? They are not returned by Pro Pinball's message queue. What's in the screenshot is all we can get our hands on (apart the start/launch/magnosave buttons, I didn't put those). I suppose I can take a guess and see what's in the memory that comes after, maybe the bulbs are there. But that would be pure luck. BTW for most of the solenoids you'll see some small moving parts on the playfield when testing. All but S24/S25 and S0/S1 if I remember correctly.
  5. As @electricmagma said, If you open the operator menu, you can go through all of them. You can also play flasher sequences which will be useful for testing (3.7.).
  6. I can also do 0-255, no problem! And also emit the intermediate values Pro Pinball is sending. Would that be better? I'll try to get a schema where's what located. I'm not a Timeshock pro though, so if someone else with more in-depth knowledge wants to give it a shot, please do!
  7. I peeked into global config and there you can set your cabinet.xml. So @arngrim can you check if with the posted build above, a GlobalConfig_ProPinball.xml pointing to your cabinet.xml, your artnet whatever thingie works? Then we still need to figure out the values. @electricmagma does 0/1 as currently implemented work with your flashers?
  8. Okay here's a build that should read the global config correctly. However I'm wondering which values DOF expects, specially from the flashers. Currently I'm sending 0 and 1. But for flashers I get in-between values from Pro Pinball, should I send all of them to DOF, or only when it's 0 or 1? DOF takes an int, maybe it expects values between 0 and 100? pro-pinball-dof-r3.zip
  9. Hmm so I set my undercab to "ON Green", but it stays perfectly green. Does the flicker only occur on your second LedWiz is or it a general problem for you?
  10. Yeah well then I need more specifics. Like a .ini with expected vs experienced behavior that I can reproduce. Just "kinda works" isn't going to debug itself...
  11. Does it work well enough to do a config and submit it to DOF config tool?
  12. @electricmagma: I think it crashed because it tried to load all the DLLs you put in the folder, which are 32 bit, while Pro Pinball runs at 64 bit. In general all the DLLs necessary are bundled in DOFSLave.exe, so no need for additional DLLs. I've attached a new version. If anyone with 2 LedWizes could test that, it would be appreciated. Those with a global config, try putting a GlobalConfig_ProPinball.xml into the Pro Pinball folder. Disclaimer I have no clue what global config does, but for those who do that's how it needs to be named. Be aware that this is all still very beta. My primary goal is someone providing a good Timeshock table config for DOF Config tool so we can validate this with more people. But this is still pending due to Arngrim not getting his second LedWiz to work. Once that's done we can talk configuration and what not (the general goal is of course to get people to keep their DOF config stuff at one place), and of course more hardware. DOFSlave.zip
  13. I'll try to find something using the logs you've sent me. Not trivial to debug hardware problems for hardware I don't have
  14. Two directoutput files? Like which ones?
  15. Nah, the EFF will just be fine. I also have a crash when exiting. Didn't look into it yet as I wanted a complete config first. Arngrim is looking into that tomorrow afaik.
  16. No, everything should work, it's just that there is no table config in the DOF Config tool for Timeshock right now, and what I've put as config to test my setup were just the solenoids. The config is read from directoutput,ini in the Timeshock folder. @arngrim let me know when you have set up Steam!
  17. That's kind of you, but if you want to support me then I'd prefer supporting the good guys that actually need funding like the EFF.
  18. I'll buy it for you on Steam, mail me your Steam user name when you get around to it.
  19. Yeah you need to place directoutput.ini in the same folder as DOFSlave.exe (i.e. in the Pro Pinball folder). Note that this completely ignores your current DOF installation. The whole DOF is compiled into DOFSlave.exe and reads the config file from the path where it's executed.
  20. Okay so I've got something working. Just drop these files into the Pro Pinball folder (try %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Steam\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pro Pinball Ultra), then in Steam right-click on Pro Pinball Ultra, Properties, Launch Options and put "q m2 fDOFSlave". Make sure you use the 64-bit version of Pro Pinball (e.g. on a 64-bit OS). The included DOFSlave.exe is a complete DOF build which will read DOF config from the folder's directoutputconfig.ini (example file included). I've got solenoids working, but not the flashers, although that's probably due to my missing DOF config skills. Can anyone put a decent table config for Timeshock into the DOF Config Tool? Who would have those skills? The available signals sent to DOF are documented here. pro-pinball-dof-r1.zip
  21. It's a fun topic, I'll address this after the next dmdext release!
  22. Sorry to reply to late. I've added support for reading the DMD position from VPM's registry, so if you have positioned the DMD in VPM, dmdext's DLL will be able to reuse those values. Will be in the next release coming up the next few days.
  23. Glad you have it running and sorry I didn't respond earlier, @DJRobX Do you have any idea how I could fix crashes with JIT turned off? It seems in this case the crash isn't originating from dmddevice.dll but from VPM itself. Any way we can debug this?
  24. It's still on the list but I didn't have any time for anything the last months, so go figure. I'll try to get into it the next week(s) though.