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  1. Hi all, thanks for your answers and insight. Maybe if I build something more ambitious, this could be a cool thing to include as I can see how it might be an attractive addition, but I think in my particular instance there's not enough of an advantage over the set up I have now to warrant changing. Cheers guys!
  2. Hi, below my imperfect plans for my mini cabinet built around a 23" playfield monitor and 17" backglass. I've done a series of brief YouTube videos on this (very cheap) setup - not sure if I can show a link though... Something I would have changed is the front crosspiece on the cabinet, which did have a joystick and buttons ( but which I later removed), could be smaller or removed entirely. The cable hole in the rear of the cabinet is also unnecessary if you make the backglass cabinet (which i didn't originally - using the monitor stand) - also explained in the YouTube videos. Hope it helps. Hi attached my plans for
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if someone with more experience could clarify a few things about the PinUP System. I have a small cab which only has a playfield and a backglass monitor and simple stereo speakers. There is no additional hardware such as solenoids or programmable lights at all. I've already set up PinballX to work with Pinball FX2, Pinball Arcade, Future pinball and Visual Pinball and am very happy with everything so far - PinballX seems ideal for my setup. However, it was recommended that I take a look at PinUP system (almost exclusively so that I could experience "Stranger Things"), the support pages of which confirms that PinUP system must be installed. Having installed the system, I followed the link to download the media, which turns out to be around 2.5GB of clips from the TV show. I also downloaded the media for Indiana Jones Adventure, a piffling 650GB, also of clips taken from the movies. Is this front end intended simply to play video (and sound) clips on multiple screens and flashing lights in unison (I note a YouTube clip of He-Man I think), or something else? Based on my setup, is there any advantage other than for tables which need this system and which I could easily go without, to me using PinUP system (especially given that I am very happy with PinballX)? Is there any advantage (in gameplay or overall experience) to having clips from the movie or TV show (or whatever) playing on the cabinet (even if I added more screens). I mean while playing a game do you stop to watch the clips? Wouldn't it be more of a distraction than an embellishment? As it stands, I only installed PinUP on my desktop (also 2 screens), to try it out, and I won't be putting it on my cabinet unless someone can tell me why it's necessary given my setup. I'll also be removing it from my desktop where, again, PinballX does just what I need and 3GB of clips to play 2 tables strikes me as overkill. Cheers for your insight guys!
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