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  1. Thanks for the replies, I will be happy with copying the main folders I guess and doing the rest as a fresh instal, copying the rom and tables for example, there might be others I am yet to learn about. I can't do what I would have liked to do and have plug n play so it doesn't really matter, copying the main folders to a new install will save a lot of time, the rest I probably need to do a few times to get it to sink in to my head and make it something I know well. Actually if I could ask one question that has been puzzling me, the different versions of VP like 9.4, 9.6, 9.8 (probably not real versions but just for example) do I need to install them all or just the latest in 9. Should I have a seperate folder for each one, Also the tables do you have to worry about the different versions of V9 or should all V9 games work with the latest V9 VP The reason I am thinking a seperate folder is I downloaded VPX 10.6 beta and it wasn't an instal file (.exe), it just unzipped all the files and link to start the program, so thinking I need to put that folder in to my C/pinball/Virtual Pinball folder as if it had been installed. If this is not a good thing asking here please let me know and I will copy it and ask in another spot on the forum, I just thought while I was here and your replies have been very informative Thank You,,,,
  2. Hi, I am new and this is my first post, I have printed out a fair bit to read when I am not on my computer but something I haven't seen or heard about is an instal on a seperate drive, for example on a D drive so it would work in another computer if changed. The reason I want to do this is so I can clone the instal because I just know other family members will want one so it would save me a fair bit of time. I am sure I will have to do 3 on top of my own. I am a full time carer for my disabled daughter so I don't get a lot of time so the one I will do for myself will take a long time for me to get through especially when alot of the lingo and instructions turn my brain to mush. I am a see it and do it learner and not so good at following text instructions. But my own is my main concern, if I can't do it in a way it is a lot faster for the next one then they will have to wait or maybe go without. I even thought of a program to record the instal process that makes an instal package but considering I am expecting this to take me maybe a few months to get through my own I don't think that method would work. Anyway regardless if I can do it for family easily or not, I can't wait to have mine working, I had a real machine Magic castle years ago and I had windows cadet pinball setup in a games cabinet (Mame) and I wasn't using the real pinball so I sold it, talk about huge regrets now. Thanks in advance for any replies and I look forward to trying to get through this with my sanity. Unless someone in S.Aust. loves doing it so much they want to set mine up hahaha,,, just a thought. Thanks,,,,,
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