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  1. gtxjoe you are absolutely correct. I spent a lot of times on the forums and looking at files and it turns out it was a simple button assignment error. VP10 and Pinball X did not have the same key assigned for exit and thus Pinball X was not shutting down VP10 and my DMD stayed running on the backglass on exit. Thank you! I owe you a beer! Heinz
  2. Hey guys I got this one to work for me. Once the game is loaded and running in pinball x, press 7 key to enter the rom's settings. Then I pressed the left flipper button to enter settings. Then I pressed 1 key I believe which loaded the factory rom settings. Then I had to set the button assignments in pinball x as they were gone once I did the factory settings. (plunger, flipper, nudge, etc) Reset everything and play on!
  3. outhere you rock! I've been trying to get this to work for several weeks. It works perfectly now. I tried to remane the file before but I missed a step but you got me to the last part. Definitely my #1 table now. Thank you!
  4. Man I love the dedication to perfection. I'm new to Virtual pinball and this is one of the reasons I wanted to get a machine. These tables seem to need a rom that is acd_170h but it has been pulled and I cannot find it anywhere on the net. would you happen to know where I may find it? Thanks
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