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  1. rickwn3

    Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    I would like to know when you are taking orders again Thanks
  2. rickwn3

    newb nudge question

    worked perfect. never would have found that. thanks again
  3. rickwn3

    newb nudge question

    thank you very much I will try that.
  4. rickwn3

    newb nudge question

    hello, sorry if this has been answered before, but i use buttons on my cab matched to pgup and pgdn for nudging. is there a way in VPX to disable the visible table from moving on my screen when I nudge. i don't have this problem with 9.92. when i press the nudge just the ball moves not the whole table. its kind of annoying thanks rickwn3
  5. yeah it works fine in vp, so it must be in pinballx
  6. after much testing this morning.. it is the most recent walking dead rom that is causing the crashing issue. however i don't know if this has anything to do with the pinmame update. could be a problem with pinballx
  7. it is launching pinmame and replaces dmd video animations. I only wanted it to display current high scores during table selection. But iI cant find any support topics on it on any websites and i cant get the dmd to stay in front of db2s in pinballx (vp is fine) So I'm probably gonna go back do the old way.using animation files. I will check to see if the crashing is because of new .dll or a specific table first
  8. not sure if this is where to post potential bugs in this alpha, but since this latest build vPinMAMELauncher.exe in pinballx is constantly crashing now. on restarts on its own and i'm not 100% sure the new .dll is causing it. It wasnt doing it before and i'll reinstall the release build tomorrow to confirm. just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.
  9. thinking i might as well start with the most current version. unless there is a reason I shouldn't. i believe the guide I found is for an early version of a vp scripting guide. tho.
  10. Hi everyone, I've been leeching off of the brilliance of others in the community for a while now. Now i want to contribute. the problem i have is where to start. I feel the my forum searches provide a ton of help for people who have some experience with programming and design skills already. and honestly I need the absolute beginners course to build from. can anybody direct me on where to start. Thanks rickwn3
  11. rickwn3

    Download Error

    They are gonna take the site offline sometime this weekend to fix it.
  12. rickwn3

    Pc Hardware For Vpx Cabs

    I'm currently begining my first cab build. just finished the pc core i3-6100 (on sale, also considered an i5 but i figured since VP is, or at least i was led to believe, mainly a single threaded app, I wouldnt benifiet for the i5. I may be wrong about that) 8 GB ram evga gtx 960 SSC (on sale) msi Z170A (on sale) 128 GB ss •edit•. Cosair 750w ps •edit• Total ~$600 USD I have all settings maxed out and not yet seen any issues. so this might be a little overkill If anybody sees a potential weakness in this build, please let me know
  13. soo glad i found this thread. now to find some design software
  14. rickwn3

    Download Error

    no problem for me. just trying to keep you abreast of the failure. much love for this site. I wish I knew how to develop tables. its way over my head tho