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  1. It’s a fake lockdown bar. Painted on with chrome spray but it looks and works quite well. Didn’t want to spend any money on this build.
  2. Your cab looks really sweet, Dazz. Personally, I don’t care much for video overlays and an endless number of addon functions. I Want to keep it simple since I don’t have time/interrest enough to setup and learn all the extra softwares involved.
  3. I haven’t played much with VPX yet. Tried it when it first came out and it really sucked. I will give it another go eventually but for now I’m happy playing fx3. The FFS would look good on my setup though.
  4. No, I Got tired of it and reused the parts for a new an better machine which I later sold off. Was gonna design and build a third machine but I don’t have the time for it right now so I have to settle with a simple virtual pinball system. I had almost forgotten how much fun a vp-cab can actually be 😀.
  5. Spent the morning in my workshop and made me this simple pinball controller. Much better than playing with the keybord 🙂👍 AC441106-BE01-4C08-91A3-26C5332A1F9F.mp4
  6. rosve

    Hi everyone

    Yes, so I heard. I need to put together a simple pinball controller first, hate playing on the pc keyboard, but then I will try to install vpx and try it out. eventually, I might even see if I can update some of my old tables to VPX.
  7. rosve

    Hi everyone

    It has finally happend. I built myself a decent PC ( or rather, I had to wait for my oldest son to grow up and build one for me 😜). I will probably hang around here a bit more than I had for the last couple of years now. For the moment I’m mostly playing fx3 Williams tables but I would eventually like to try out a few VPX tables as well. Well, anyway. Good to be back.
  8. I don’t even own a PC so I can’t try the new stuff. Getting a new computer is on my list but way down with the low priority stuff.
  9. Well, I’m not really back to visual pinball again. Only passing by. I will maybe stop by more frequently in the future.
  10. Hi everyone, I've been away from virtual pinball for quite some time now but a few days ago I found out that Stefan (Herweh) made the source code public. I am surprised to find that the old screen selection "bug" from my original B2S code is still in there. The backglass screen number that you enter into the screenres file is used in B2S to select the display with that number in it's name: DISPLAY1, DISPLAY2 ... A better solution would be to use the number in screenres to select a screen from the screen order as it is defined by the user. Number 1 should point to the first display, number 2 should point to the second display and so on. Same method as the old UVP and probably also PinballX is using. Here is a suggestion to any programmer who want to experiment with it. The screenshots are from the class B2SScreen in the b2sbackglassserver. Same changes must probably be made in the b2backglassserverexe as well. My changes are highlighted in the screenshots. Only problem with this change is that the old B2S.exe files may be displayed on the wrong screen for some users. Could be solved by storing the old b2s in a separate folder with it's on screenres file.
  11. Updated with working background Music.
  12. Oh no!!! Missed it again I probably have to log on here more often so I dont miss important things like Tamoore' pinball party.
  13. Setting the LEd Display X Offset (or Y) in screenres.txt to a value other than 0 will remove the grill on att tables.
  14. I don't think this one would be too discusting for you to stick in your mouth, Al. ;-)
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