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  1. Hi guys, I’m about to pull the trigger on a real WCS pinball so I’d love to see this project get some movement forward. Given this appears to have been a “community” effort, any chance the latest source files could be shared? I was playing it on VPX last night and I saw quite a few static screens seemed to be just white, and could use a bit of color. I’d love to contribute as well, as I’m just getting started on learning the ins and outs of WPC colorization. Much appreciated, and thanks for all you guys do.
  2. Hi all, I'm starting to experiment with colorizing a couple of SAM games (first is Walking Dead), which naturally means using Pinball-Browser. I have read the great guides by CB3 and Netzzwerg's great video, and have a good handle on how PIN2DMD Editor works. However, using the image editor in PB seems so primitive by comparison. Dealing with multi frame scenes will require manually editing every frame, again and again. Apart from reusing palettes, there doesn't appear to be any way to take work done on one frame and apply it to another. I must be missing something, because there is no way something like TWD, with 9500 individual frames, would ever get finished. Hoping one of you guys that has created SAM colorizations can chime in and help a newbie out. Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Thanks very much for this Lucky1. I’m awaiting a quote for 5x EVO 128x32 boards. What approximate price have people been quoted for these? My quote looks just like Fly’s screenshot above and I guess the component prices will get filled in after review.
  4. SOLD!!! ---- Purchased a set of these decals to use on a virtual pinball cabinet but have decided to go in a different direction. They are brand new and still in the shipping tube. These are the Next Gen decals that are sold in various places (including eBay) for $265. I'm looking to get $200 shipped (US only). Thanks!
  5. SOLD!!!! ------- I bought a precut/assembled virtual pinball cabinet from Monster Arcades, but have decided that I want something more customized so I'm selling this as is. The cabinet is the same one as here: https://www.monsterarcades.com/virtual-pinball-cabinet-diy-kits I paid $500 and am looking to get $250 obo. Must be picked up in Roswell, GA 30075. Sorry I'm not going to ship this. Please note the dimensions on the website. This is standard width, but not as deep as a standard cabinet to more cleanly fit a 16x9 screen. The Backbox is also wider than normal to fit a 32" monitor. Don't plan on using standard cab decals due to the different dimensions, but custom ones (like the great artwork from Stuzza) would be great and was my plan.
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