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  1. Here's to good Karma... I have added a couple of the completed animated backglasses to the Downloads section... enjoy my friends.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    looping .mp4 video
  3. Version 1.0.0


    looping .mp4 video
  4. Version 1.0.0


    looping .mp4 video
  5. Version 1.0.0


    looping .mp4 video
  6. I think the issue here would be that I would be altering a piece of copyrighted work and then redistributing it without permission. Now since I am not profiting from it, no financial harm would be done to the license holder... but still. I'm sure an intellectual properties attorney would have an easy case and figure out some ridiculous amount of damages for their client by me doing so. I do think I would be safe doing what I'm currently doing by sharing my progress of work that I'm doing for MY machine. That would be simply a fan altering their own copy for their own private use. It's the uploading of the piece, specifically for others to freely download, is where it could get tricky. I would think that at the moment I would be ok since I am sharing my personal work "to view" via YouTube which doesn't allow for the download of the video, just sharing of the URL to view. Also, this is different than those sharing files from across the web of the original artwork(s) or animated versions of it that simply have lights flashing replicating the original artwork in use on a physical pinball machine. By doing that, you're just simulating what the original artwork looks like in its intended physical use. I'm not doing that at all, hence the disassemble aspect. Of course this all predicates on the original property owner and their feelings on what I'm doing with their artwork.
  7. It has come to my attention that what I am doing here, by animating these backglasses, I am opening myself up to possible copyright and intellectual properties infringement... if I were to share these for download. While I may do this for my personal machine, once I share them, I would be disassembling and distributing a copy-protected piece of work. While I haven't received a cease and desist notification, I am now wondering if my hobby could harm me. Not sure what to do. Ideas? Comments? Any history that addresses this issue here? I obviously am not attempting to resell these in any manner, so I would think there is no harm to the license holder or original artist... but I'm not an attorney.
  8. These are NOT b2s files with any sort of interactivity. Just looping h.264/mp4 files for either the front end selection for like Pinball FX3 or they can run seamlessly during in-game play on Pinball X tables. (which is VERY cool looking while watching friends play and waiting for my turn). One day I'll look into b2s stuff to see if there's a chance in hell I could ever attempt to program for them. I'll admit, the possibilities are very cool indeed. But I also do foresee problems going that route, especially with the seamless looping nature of them. I don't see how I could pull that off when different actions are triggered that reset the loop. Something is going to jump. To address that, I would think I would have to build these with a static background with only a few foreground elements triggered for a quick animation. Still cool... but I think most would be lost during gameplay where your attention is focused on the playfield.. not at the backglass for a couple of seconds of animation. The more I think about it... I think I like them more as just a single cool looping video. At least for the very complex ones like Medieval Madness and Champion Pub where there's a ton of things going on in it. I could see Back to the Future as a b2s where an event triggers the Delorian's door to raise and close, and the fire behind the tires ignite from a flameless street. Little stuff like that maybe. idk. Where can I find some good basic info on how to program for b2s? I'm sure here somewhere, I'll try to read up on it and see if that sparks anything inside me or under me.
  9. Here's a simple JAWS one I did a while back, but due to its simplicity, I didn't post until now. I had thought about animating the woman swimming across the screen only to be taken out by the shark, water turning blood red as JAWS descended back down into the depths... but decided to add a simple water tweak instead holding more true to the classic art.
  10. ? Performs? Not understanding what you're asking. Probably due to lack of sleep... but still I'm clueless. OMG... is this what it feels like being blonde? =P
  11. Starting to come together. There's still a LOT of work I want to do. Here's what I've added since the last updated video: - Trolls w/ blinking eyes w/ basic jittery movement, blowin smoke and shakin the spear at ya! - Dragon's fire breath revealing castle tower damage and destruction! - Knight hanging on the Dragon's tail being all stabby... tastes like chicken. - Wizard casting spells... never knew why he's facing away from the action though. Artists. Pffft. - The Kings sword ignites when touching the flame in the logo. - Castle gate opens/closes. - Fixed some clipping issues with the Dragons belly when taking a deep breath as well as some wing issues I'm still working on. Artists. Pffft. - and added a scrolling night sky with a moon.... for a cow to eventually jump over. - I haven't forgotten about that UFO either... Still... maybe 50% complete! =)x Thoughts? Ideas? Always love to hear input… good or bad.
  12. Wow. The video capabilities of that front end makes people like me envision all kinds of cool possibilities! Nice work. What’s the minimum requirements to run that smoothly? My cab is not the powerhouse that a lot of people here are building into their cabs.
  13. I suck at researching... can never find questions I'm searching for so here I am asking... Does the Pinball X front end wheel selector allow for video files or just static images? In my quest to make stuff move, I think animated wheel images could be a cool little extra something something. Any logo with fire, explosions, cop lights, basic character movements would be easy enough rendered out with a transparent alpha channel and a super low file size. Answers? Thoughts? A little personal insight... I think my animation fixation started in 3rd grade when I made my first static object move. Sure it was a green plastic army man, a cup-o-gasoline, and of course the flamethrower army dude, but with a match I created better special FX than the Clash of the Titans movie at the time! Good times... the woods are a little thinner these days... but good times.
  14. I think I'm good with the above final version of E.T.
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