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  1. Not sure if there is an official thread for new table requests but I was wondering if placeholders could be added to DOF Config Tool for the following VPX tables. I'd be happy to submit initial configurations for them. Just need a place to put the configurations. Most of these are EM tables created by LOSERMAN76. Thanks. cGameName Table BumperPool_1969 Bumper Pool (Gottlieb 1969) chance Chance (Playmatic 1978) DoodleBug_1971 Doodle Bug (Williams 1971) EggHead_1961 Egg Head (Gottlieb 1961) EliteGuard_1968 Elite Guard (Gottlieb 1968) FlipperFair_1961 Flipper Fair (Gottlieb 1961) FunFair_1968 Fun Fair (Gottlieb 1968) Galaxie_1971 Galaxie (Gottlieb 1971) GrandeDomino_1968 Grande Domino (Gottlieb 1968) GrandSlam_1972 Grand Slam (Gottlieb 1972) Harmony_1967 Harmony (Gottlieb 1967) heartsgain Hearts Gain (Inder 1971) HighSeas_1976 High Seas (Gottlieb 1976) HiLo_1969 Hi-Lo (Gottlieb 1969) HomeRun_1971 Home Run (Gottlieb 1971) JungleKing_1973 Jungle King (Gottlieb 1973) JungleLife_1972 Jungle Life (Gottlieb 1972) Kickoff_1967 Kickoff (Williams 1967) LightningBall_1959 Lightning Ball (Gottlieb 1959) LittleJoe_1971 Little Joe (Bally 1972) MiniPool_1969 Mini Pool (Gottlieb 1969) Playball_71VPX Playball (Gottlieb 1971) Poseidon_1978 Poseidon (Gottlieb 1978) Psychedelic_1970 Psychedelic (Gottlieb 1970) RackABall_1962 Rack-A-Ball (Gottlieb 1962) Rancho_1965 Rancho (Gottlieb 1965) ReydeDiamantes_1967 Rey de Diamantes (Petaco 1967) RoyalPair_1974 Royal Pair (Gottlieb 1974) RoyalPair_1974 Royal Pair 2 (Gottlieb 1974) SatinDoll_1975 Satin Doll (Williams 1975) ShipMates_1964 Ship Mates (Gottlieb 1964) Skipper_1969 Skipper (Gottlieb 1969) Soccer1964 Soccer (Williams 1964) Solitaire_1967 Solitaire (Gottlieb 1967) SpaceOrbit_1972 Space Orbit (Gottlieb 1972) SpotPool_1976 Spot Pool (Gottlieb 1976) SurfSide_1967 Surf Side (Gottlieb 1967) TamTam_1975 Tam-Tam (Playmatic 1975) TargetPool_1969 Target Pool (Gottlieb 1969) TeamOne_77VPX Team One Tiger_1975 Tiger (Gottlieb 1975) toledo Toledo (Williams 1975) TopHand_1973 Top Hand (Gottlieb 1973) Touchdown_1967 Touchdown (Williams 1967) WorldSeries_1972 World Series (Gottlieb 1972)
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