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  1. I see how to add the media but is there a way to manually point to media, get under the hood? some of the media that got added, I'd rather replace with another backglass.
  2. Got it....working on media now. Do you know if you can add videos as well?
  3. Seem to be having some issues with PinballY not showing the same playfield and backglass previews as X did. Any suggestions? Are there instructions for configuring and setup? I know it says that it does not require it.
  4. Popper I will tackle later but I prefer running in portrait and it takes a few more steps to get that going. I will try Pinball Y and see how that goes.
  5. Couple questions - First, I have a pretty good amount of lag when switching tables from the main menu in terms of the table and the backglass actually showing up. Is that normal? Hardware is pretty solid with a new CPU and motherboard. 16GB RAM and a Radeon RX 570/4GB. Second, is there a way to suppress the warning screen that comes up saying that a particular table was created in 10.6 and you might have issues running it with 10.4? Last - How do you get videos to play within Pinball X in either the DMD or backglass?
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