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  1. after a long battle with the DMD and SET up finally I make it run...thank you very much to all specially you OUTHERE!!
  2. is just exactly like mine....I re-install visual pinball,i did notice when I restart the cabinet the dmd light up showing the firmware version and change again to virtual pinball logo... i did install with support for pin2dmd ,in the options setup i mark cabinet mode,i did hide Show dmd/display window and i mark use externall DMD dll,i try to start a table and i have a window saying pin2dmd not found and of course table is not working...im etting close?lol
  3. one is the regular micro usb and the other usb connetion I never see before
  4. I have a micro usb and other usb connector by the ethernet port,,,,i have connected with the micro usb
  5. i don't have the code anymore....so we are good i think on that...
  6. sorry guys but is really frustrating ...I did spend some money trying to make this work and nothing...im not a programmer or engineer on software...i just like play pinball ..i didn't think was so hard to make this screen work
  7. ok I did download the new version 3.2 so what I do now ? just install the new version? man im so lost in this,,,,i think I will quit
  8. Ok I copy the set up you have ...I did double click on setup ...And nothing came up to make the dmd work ...I start a table and pin2dmd still on...son I will smash it on the floor lol
  9. Ok I have ...setup and setup64 I have to double click to any of those right
  10. where is located vpinmame set up
  11. Please can you email me screen shots? im sorry man I’m being away from computers for a while .. mglarrosa@hotmail.com since now thank you very much
  12. Can’t get out of the freaking pin2dmd screen ....what I’m doing wrong what is wrong installed !! Please some help before smash this stupid dmd what else need to be activated or whatever needs to be done to make this dmd work ... theres somene there who can help me to fix the problem ..? since now thanks
  13. Ok ...I did finish that step and I did put the card in..so far I don’t see the numbers on the panel...I did try to run a table but pin2dmd still on screen
  14. I did buy the dmd from dpanell2 already has firmaware that’s what I told ...I did download the folder and I unzip it on C folder im not clear where I have to put the key they send me ...and after that what I have to do to see my dmd work with my tables thank you
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