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  1. I found that setting the negative numbers was the only way to get the backglass in the proper place. I used the nvidia control panel, and it identified my bg monitor as 12, and the dmd monitor as 11, and my pf monitor as 1 I tried setting the bg to 12 (and every other number as well ), but it still placed the bg on the dmd
  2. My pf and backglass are Playfield backglass Dmd (Playfield and backglass are next to each other, dmd is under backglass)
  3. .... updated the drivers did not help I modified the screeneres.txt 1920 1080 1280 1024 2 -239 -1024 0 0 0 0 it got the backglass in the correct spot, but I had to set the file to "read only", something somewhere kept forcing a default to occur and it would erase my new settings 5 hours of fun with this one, thanks guys!
  4. hi all, I built my virtual pin about 2 years ago and Im aways adding new tables and upgrading etc... everything runs great most of the time thanks to everyone here that I read on how to fix issues. recently b2s started sending the backglass to the dmd screen and I cannot get it back the 2nd screen. all other programs using three screens including pinballx, fx2, and FP all work as usual with no issues no hardware modifications have been made in months, and we play this machine daily here are my setting and what I have tried: I have 3 screens, the playfield is on the main monitor (number 1) on its own graphics card (1920 x 1080) the 2nd monitor is running from the onboard graphics off the motherboard (Monitor 2 1280 x 1024) the 3rd is a usb mimo 7" monitor (monitor 3 800 x 600) here is my log: "1280"," Screen2ResX" "1024"," Screen2ResY" "0"," Screen2PosX" "0"," Screen2PosY" "\\.\DISPLAY2"," displayname" "------------------------------------------------" "\\.\DISPLAY1"," First screen" "\\.\DISPLAY1"," Second screen" "\\.\DISPLAY1"," Third screen" "------------------------------------------------" "\\.\DISPLAY1"," Selected screen" 1080," Working Area Top" 1560," Working Area Bottom" 2143," Working Area Left" 2943," Working Area Right" when I unplug the usb monitor (3)... b2s sends the backglass to the correct monitor (2), but of course then I have no DMD in the B2S config (screenres.txt) I have set : 1920 1080 1280 1024 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 I have deleted all the info from the screenres txt file and rebuilt it with the b2s-screenres editor I have checked all windows monitor settings and nothing has changed, (remember, all other programs are working with the DMD as usual) I re-installed (and re-registered with the registry) directB2S I ran system restore and restored windows 7 to a month ago, no fix nothing I am doing seems to be fixing the issue, I have scanned the web for several hours looking for the root of the problem. can someone please help out?
  5. I Just upgraded my motherboard, Processor, Ram, and did a fresh install of future pinball and used my original installation to test... when I run any table with futureDMD on, futureDMD is active, I can see the dots very faintly, but futureDMD is not active, I have to mouse click on futureDMD ( which activates it) and then mouse click on the playfield for Future Pinball to be active (controllable) Can someone please help me figure out why? I have never had this problem with 3 setups, crazy stuff?!?!?!?! Thank you! btw... I have a 3 screen setup, with 2 video cards but the DMD is a mimo usb touch screen, that has worked great for a while
  6. scared stiff physmod5 does not kick out a ball to the shooter lane Edit: replaced the table file, fixed it
  7. ... Does anyone else have stuttering performance with bride of pinbot? The table is absolutely beautiful If it's just me is there a way for us to have individual graphic settings per game, so maybe I can tone it down?
  8. Boom, got it, I installed b2s, fixed it right up, thank you for the nudge!
  9. Hey guys, Im having the same issue... I updated my vpinmame.dll to arngrim's latest 2.04 (nondmd) (I'm using a 3rd monitor, not a realdmd - so this would be correct right?) and Ive got sam.vbs placed in the tables folder, and the scripts folder for good measure... none of the stern tables work for me... can you guys help me please, I'm sure it would benefit those like me who are new to having a newly-built cab and aretrying to get the best from VP. Thank you for all of your effort, beautiful work!
  10. That's awesome , thank God mine doesn't know the power switch yet... *yet
  11. Hey guys... A little new to the party. What do I need to run pyhsmod tables... If it works better to pm me to not derail this thread, please do. Thank you
  12. Thank you! Ummm, hehe it's only got 20" or so interior height... I did give it a little depth so I could have some breathing room for the guts
  13. Hey guys, I started this build 2 weeks ago in October 2014, I'm making good progress, hope y'all like it I'm going kind of fast and furious to get this done... I'm kind of having a hard time wrapping my head around all of the force feedback... I want 9 contactors (have them already) and gear motor and a shaker inside (need to build as of right now) I'm limited on space... All of the power, and motors / coils will be on the drawer/ 2nd level. I used a very sturdy shake proof sliding mount, so the vibration shouldn't mess things up. worse comes to worse, I can mount the shaker in the very bottom front above the intake fan... More pics to come
  14. Watching this with great anticipation! Would one led-wiz work for contactors, and led flashers and led strips? Or should I plan for an extra led-wiz just for LED toys? Or... What do you guys think of the pac-led64? Really amazing work guys!
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