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  1. Thank you I test today I just put the chip, I do not change the jumper, and i put enhancer ON I install the chip, change the jumper and restart, with the world enhancer in ON it does not detect my SD card and the display has more standard colors I do not understand
  2. Hi I followed your advice and bought a chip HD74LS123P when I install it I change the place jumper and when I start it does not detect my micro SD card and it changes the color of the display when I remove it and put it back as before it works Thanks
  3. Hello I just noticed by coloring that the green and blue are reversed how can I do with the map? Thank you
  4. Lucky1 !! Note : Latest Discovery boards MB997D may need a ST-Link firmware update from here http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/embedded-software/development-tool-software/stsw-link007.html i do this is fonctionnaly for start the STM why no USB connector i buy a micro SD to ebay and i buy 74LS123 for the jumper https://www.ebay.fr/itm/DM74LS123N-NATIONAL/172968745513?hash=item2845bd9a29:g:GfYAAOSwXPNaAe8g i'm coming back to you from that i have install the sd card reader and the 74LS123N After i test to color the pinball DMD why pin2dmd editor Thanks
  5. thank you I ordered do you have an idea about the power supply problem or it makes me plug once the USB cable otherwise the STM card does not start and that I debranche it continues to work Thank you
  6. Hello thank you I order it right away :) Do you have any idea for my USB plug problem? Thank you
  7. Hello after trial with the jumper, it's good it works now I have another problem: I'm happy with the card with a power supply of 5 volts the STM board also has power but there is only two led next to the usb that turns on it makes me plug once the USB plug for the STM card starts and after I can unplug it and it works as I do that the led up lights up view the photo do you have an idea Thank you
  8. Thank you for the answer I test this in the day For the micro SD card reader I think I do not have the right model so I cable it through my STM32 with wires Which one are you buying I have a Williams pinball Thank you
  9. Hello I have this adapter card, but it does not work with my STM32, the card reader is not going, I am obliged to connect it via Dupond cables directly to the STM32 When I do that the red LED goes off well on the STM, but as soon as I plug the cable DMD of the pinball the blue led does not work I saw in the post precedent that you have a 74LS and a max232 me no is this? Thank you sorry for my English
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