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  1. Hi, I have installed DirectOutput R2 but cannot find the 'DirectOutput PinballX Plugin.dll' file. Where can I get this?
  2. DarenHawes

    My Balls have changed?

    No puns, but my balls don't look right.. In like an Axis mode. How can I change this? Thanks!
  3. DarenHawes

    I have a Teensy Question

    Its very cool indeed. I have one question though. I will be having the strips down the side and the matrix at the back. Are the strips down the side and back matrix two different data circuits or do I wire them all together? If so will one Octo2811 and one Teensy do it? If I wire them all together is there a certain direction I need to go? For example starting at the plunger then zig zag across the matrix then down to the to the side near the start button? Does that make sense? Hope this makes sense Lol!
  4. DarenHawes

    I have a Teensy Question

    Need not say anymore
  5. Hi all I wish to create an 8 strip RGB LED array using Addressable LEDs, Teensy and DOF. I see Teensy is Tiny! Does anyone know where I can get a more robust solution (that can be mounted in cabinet) with maybe PSU for the 3.3 v? Or is that part of the fun?