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  1. Awesome work - just picked up a project Twilight machine and will put pin2dmd in when you are finished for sure - plus a healthy donation from down under :-)
  2. Hi All I am the proud owner of 2 new evo bards now! Wondering if someone can help a newbie out. They have 3 connections on the board 5v power 12v power and 12v. I'm connecting to a real machine ( Getaway WPC) I'm guessing all I need is 12 v to the 4 pin terminal from J116/117 etc and it will run. But do I need the other 5v connected as well and what is the 2 screw 12v terminal for? Sorry if it has been raised but I can't find the full answer anywhere here or online or any pictures of them connected other than the voltage source photos for tapping. Thank you..
  3. Thank you I have sent him a mail! I am in Australia.
  4. Hi all. Very new to this. Can anyone point me in the direction to buy the latest and greatest assembled displays for the actual pinball machines getaway and t2? I am wanting to eventually customise some of the wording and graphics. Colourising is not priority but would be an added bonus! I've contacted GGS but they have no stock and have been warned by users on pinside to avoid them? I have no experience either way. Thanks for any help.
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