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  1. check your vp_game_map.yaml and make sure all is correct mine is like this EvilDead: path: /../games/EvilDead kls: Game.Game yaml: /../games/EvilDead/config/machine_config/GameConfig.yaml
  2. Dude this is going to be a beast any chance we can test it as.is so far think i asked before lol
  3. im getting the weird colour palette problem to any fix ??
  4. Any further news on this been playing Ghostbusters hard got the green single colour DMD would love some more colour
  5. can any one link me this please they all down
  6. is there a vpx for this table cant find one
  7. These are dlls I have and I'm sure im missing some maybe from a new versions and the have the files for evil dead I'm sure I have them all if any one who has running could check my files are similar just scare I will mess up CCC as I love that pin
  8. Tried to run the table out on interest and got this
  9. Ok so this CMD just worked never has before just got this message not going to proceed till I know for sure think I need to upgrade next but something good happened
  10. Also does it matter where I open the CMD
  11. Pretty sure I have all the files needed DMD audio and that ccc is running so I think I'm nearly there
  12. I found a all in one installer for for the latest proc that has dlls needed if I install the new will it overwrite my current set up or upgrade it
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