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  1. These are dlls I have and I'm sure im missing some maybe from a new versions and the have the files for evil dead I'm sure I have them all if any one who has running could check my files are similar just scare I will mess up CCC as I love that pin
  2. Tried to run the table out on interest and got this
  3. Ok so this CMD just worked never has before just got this message not going to proceed till I know for sure think I need to upgrade next but something good happened
  4. Pretty sure I have all the files needed DMD audio and that ccc is running so I think I'm nearly there
  5. I found a all in one installer for for the latest proc that has dlls needed if I install the new will it overwrite my current set up or upgrade it
  6. b2s any one i can help you get them both running 17 and 18 i just need the b2s for 17 as i use pup pack for 18 ???????????
  7. Yea I found in the end how much more do I need to do to get evil dead running as that's the last table I need any help or direction would be amazing as proc and python all ready
  8. look good thank you and yeah i found it under super skill show holding left and right flipper and shooting really kool
  9. has this got tribute mode as i cant see it at launch of ball its in the settings do i have to activate it playing more ?????
  10. all sorted dam that was easier then i thought it would be ran first time got to find out how to make the dmd a bit bigger now and then sorted wish evil dead could be this easy
  11. Thinking of giving CCC a go think it look worth it and suppose to be the easy one to install compared to evil dead any chance you can point me in the rite direction as a bit of a loss do you have the catus canyon installed with proc ?
  12. also can i ask how easy is it to del all the stuff i installed via python as feels like the files are buried deep defo going to move on not sure why he took it down thoe it looked like it could of been a great table
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