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  1. Thanks @lucky1, You are always fast to response. I received the right Nucleo this time and it looks like everything looks fine so far. However, I still needs help I can't find instructions to setup the board to work with real pinball machine. I have a DE Star Wars machine. What should I do next before I connect the pin2dmd to it? I looks that some members shared their coloring projects. What file should I use and where to place them? You help is appreciated. Thanks, Gil
  2. I trying to build my own pin2dmd but something doesn't work as expected. I purchased all the components and soldered them to the board. I assembled and wired everything; board nucleo board, screens, cables. Turned the power on, plugged it to the PC and I uploaded the firmware using the ST-LINK utility. Screen is totally blank. not a single pixel is light on. Both screens are connected to the power supply, but still nothing... How do I proceed from here? Your help is appreciated... Thanks, Gil Adding photos:
  3. Wow, great. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
  4. Thanks @outhere, this thread actually gave me the motivation. @MikePinball made a great job describing his process of building his board. However, most of the parts he dropped as he didn't need them, the others he already had in his parts bin.
  5. Hi all, I'm thinking about building my own PIN2DMD board. Assembling everything together doesn't look like an impossible mission even for a noob like me with not much experience with electronics. However, I find it difficult to find the needed parts on the internet. I tried to search in https://www.mouser.com/ but I'm not sure I choose the correct items. If anyone is willing to go over the part list and add a link for each part, it would be awesome (and very helpful). I added the first link 😅 #PIN2DMD shield partlist #V4 Nucleo-144 Shield - (link) 2 x pinheader 2x36 pins female double row 2.54mm 1 x WaveShare Micro SD-card reader module 2 x IC socket 16pin 1 x 74LS123 DIP - (link) 1 x MAX232 DIP - (link) 1 x elevated socket 2x8 female 2.54mm 1 x IDC socket 2x7 pins male 2.54mm 1 x IDC socket 2x8 pins male 2.54mm 1 x pinheader 1x3 pins male 2.54mm RS232 8 x 47pf 4 x 1uF 4x7mm radial 3 x 100nF 1 x 1kOhm 1 x 10kOhm 2 x 100kOhm 1 x 470 Ohm 2 x resistor network 4R 8-pin 220Ohm 1 x LED 3mm 1 x screw terminal block 2pin 5mm 2 x tactile push button 6x6x10mm 4pin DIP optional components 1 x ESP-12 1 x DHT11 1 x HX1838 1 x CR2032 battery holder 1 x pinheader 1x3 pins male 2.54mm PIR
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