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  1. I just wanted to post that I have bought two Evo kits off of Dan. They are amazing quality. Built well and very clean. He ships them out quickly and responds to messages and questions promptly. Highly recommend if you are interested in getting one already assembled and working. Lucky the EVO board design is fantastic. Thank you. Clean and pretty Dan thank you for providing a way for us to get these boards if we didn't want to go the route of assembling ourselves. The whole package is professional and works great.
  2. That is fantastic!!! Was playing this DMD and table the other night and am super excited you are revisiting. Merlin's magic could use some color. So excited to see what you do with it. The above pics are amazing!!! Thanks again for all you do!!
  3. Yes. I agree. Thank you for all the colorizations. No rush. You do this on your spare time because you like it. Its not a job and never should feel like one. We appreciate your work whenever it comes in. Family is the most important not this stuff. This should just compliment your life. Besides we have lots of your work to enjoy. Thank you.
  4. Is there a dump of this anywhere? Seems like it would be a really good one to start a colorization project on. Plus the vpx is amazing!
  5. Thank you for the link by the way. Working on doing this. Would love to get backglass dmd objects working on dmd.
  6. I have a rig with a pindmdv3. No backglass though. Table and dmd. bartop kind of setup. I just bought a pin2dmd and just have it connected to pc standalone right now. No rig.. May make a second bigger rig with a backglass for it, but just testing it right now.
  7. To start. Try this one in 1.73 Does the dmd work? http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5144-tron-classic-original-2018-mod-v102/ I had to move to 1.71 to make it work. This is for pin2dmd. I haven't messed with 1.73 yet on pindmdv3.
  8. I haven't tried. Will have some time this weekend. I am feelin good that it will work. I finally got 1.71 working again normally on pin2dmd and I am back on it. I found the beta version of 1.73 wouldn't play tron classic mod and other similar dmd type games. Could be just a problem I am having on 1.73 not sure.
  9. So i tried dmdext-1.7.3-MSI-r45-x86-Release.zip last night and it worked like a charm. I did not need to have the dmdext.exe executable in the vpinmame directory like i did with freezy 1.71 and everything worked as it should. So many aspects of this still don't make sense to me. Why I can't get lucky release drivers to work etc, but ill take it for now. I can use the dmd and that is the most important thing. Thank you so much outthere for pointing me in the direction of that download in the artifacts section. Didn't even know there was a section to get early releases. Thank you.
  10. Thank you so much Outthere. I did notice that you did have dmdext.exe in your vpinmame folder though. Perhaps you need to have it there for it to work? If you remove this will it work in vpx? 1.71 will work for me when it is there, but i can't use any pin2dmd dlls. I have to use freezys. If i remove dmdext.exe vpx doesn't work. I will try this 1.73 beta version and see what happens and compare your ini to mine. I really really really appreciate you taking them time. I am at work now, but will let you know. Let me know if you remove dmdext.exe from vpinmame will your pin2dmd work with VPX??? I am starting to think that dmdext.exe needs to be in there if it isn't designated as an environment Path. According to the link you sent about Freezy's new installer, one of the things it does is copies dmdext into program files and then adds it to the environmental path. By adding it to the environmental path it is executable from anywhere since windows knows where it is. So maybe it is called up somehow when starting vpx. I have a question out at GitHub asking if it necessary to run vpx. From freezy's description Installs dmdext.exe into the Program Files folder and adds it to the environment PATH I also upgraded my unit to firmware 2.66. It was at 2.65. Can you downgrade the firmware. Wonder if i should go to version 2.6 Thank you Thalamas. i will try this tonight. I have a rig with pindmdv3 and have never had this problem. The Freezy 1.71 works and i don't need the dmdext.ext in vpinmame. I wanted to try a pin2dmd because of some of the hiccups i have been experiencing with colorization on the pindmdv3. So i wanted to compare the two, but have been having problems as you can see. I found that 1.71 and the latest sambuild 3.2 beta really benefits pindmdv3 a lot.
  11. I have taken all dmddevice.dlls out and just used luckys and they didnt work with vpx running. Only vpinmame. That is what is driving me nuts. I even tried on a pc that never had anything on it. Yet it will work with freezy 1.71 but dmdext.exe has to be in the pinmame directory too. ???? But cant get any lucky dlls to work that are recent. What about the xdmd directory. Do you need to copy Luckys DLLs in that too?
  12. The thing i don't understand is why do i have to have dmdext.exe in the vpinmame directory in order for more recent .dlls to work in VPX, when without it pin2dmd works in vpinmame and will older .dlls in vpx. Is dmdext.exe required for pin2dmd??? Actually and it will only work if i use the freezy dll and not the pin2dmd dll. So i guess i am still kind of messed up.
  13. Thanks. I figured it out. Through wiping everything clean etc, i finally ironed it out. I had to have freezy's dmdext present i believe in order for it to work, which i thought you didn't need for pin2dmd.
  14. So i have a pin2dmd i just bought running version 2.65. I have vpx 10.6 rev 3664 and vpinmame 3.2 sambuild 4732. I have tried this with 10.5 vpx and 3.1 vpinmame too. My problem is the following. If i use a dmddevice.dll for pin2dmd later than the version that came with the vpinmame 3.1 bundle vpx will not work with the DMD. Even thought ddraw is 0. External dmd is on in rom options. If i use dmddevice.dll from vpinmame 3.1 ( dated 8.2.2018 for me) it works in vpx. If i download the latest dmddevice.dll from pin2dmd, the vpx will not work with the dmd. BUT...... vpinmame will work??? Tests come up fine. Colorizations in altcolor all work. Everything works. But if i run vpx. It doesn't work. Now it doesn't do this with the vpinmame 3.1 dll provided in the pin2dmd directory. Vpx and vpinmame work, but no colorization support for the new colorizations. So not a good options. Anybody?? I am baffled. I have been uninstalling, reinstalling. Trying new .dll's I am at a loss. I have replicated this on two computers.
  15. Fantastic looking guys. Very excited. Can't believe the pace your setting. Really mind blowing.
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