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  1. Backglass desighner question. When I am building a backglass and try to select the b2s id type it only has players and credits how do I add balls and other selections such as tilt, player up, shoot again to the menu? When you look at the instructions it also shows these selections. Just not how to install them. Thanks for any Help
  2. It is working in rush I'm not sure what I did. In def Leppard it is the same problem it works in visual pinball but when opened with Pinballx there is no sound? I have been playing with this awhile now still no sound in Pinballx Thanks for any help.
  3. When I play the table using Visual pinball it plays fine the music works. When it is opened through PinballX the music will not play and on a few similar tables. Most of the other tables work fine. Could there be a setting in Pinballx that is not setup correct? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Looks lika a great table but there is no music and it will not play without it
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