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  1. Ah! Got it. And actually the coloration looks much better now...
  2. OK, we got it sorted out. Needed the very latest build 271, now it worked! See example below:
  3. Enter doesn't work. Delay still remains zero.
  4. AHA! That did the trick (although I chose V3 based on my hardware). Do idea why the files I had downloaded before had a smaller filesize... Oh well! Anyhow, I used the pindmd.exe GUI to send the file to the DMD via USB (I'm running a USB cable to my PC) because I'm to lazy to open the backbox. Hit "Reset Device" and - voila! Update runs smoothly, now splash screen shows v2.66. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hmm... Do you mean the field "Delay" at the bottomn of the screen? I tried to enter numbers, but they do not stick to the frames. Number alsways goes back to 0. Also, is there a way to set the delay for a number of frames at once, or do I have to set the delay for every single frame manually?
  6. I tried to update by copying the .upd file tonthe sd card. After power cycling, Pin2DMd still shows old version. The update file has been renamed to „pin2dmd.nok“. Hiw can I fix this? Thank you! Oliver
  7. Ok That worked. Is there a way to control the playback speed?
  8. I tried to create a boot.fsq froman aniomated GIF, but couldn't convince the editor to write the file. Can you give me step-by-step instructions?
  9. No problem - send a PM to NetzZWerg, he created the files and he can send you the proper ones for your real pin. Feel free to IM me if you need help with the installation.
  10. I installed the files on my SWDE realpin. Looks great! Thanks!
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