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  1. Plays great! Already logged in much more time than on the previous.👍
  2. THANK YOU to everyone who responded! Had gone back to work bummed. Came back,saw replies and IT WORKED! Of course I was clicking boxes after I had got a little more confident trying to push my little $64 4gb RAM Dell Vostro ( Gigabyte750 ti) and wound up where I was. If you guys hadn't responded, I was going to save the tables and start from scratch after what feels like 100 hours just to hit that wall. I'm not a computer person and have done nothing on any table that needed work in the scripts. I was just happy to have my little machine( literally two flat screens and a cardboard box with Happ buttons and a Zero Delay) Will be upgrading soon. Outhere ,..I can't thank you enough for the reply! I don't feel like such a "lurker" anymore😀
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