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  1. thanks - I guess those 20 minutes were well spend then
  2. Thanks @slippifishi for the feedback. Well being selfish is not bad I want this tool is valuable for others, so I try to listen to users. I just pushed v0.8.18 out, including those changes ## 17/1/19 - DMD Ripping: show how many DMD frames has been ripped - DMD Ripping: increased maximal ripped DMD Frames from 1000 to 8000 - DMD Ripping: once 8000 frames has been reached, download dump and continue ripping That should address your issues. Especially the last point. If I would not limit the amount of ripped frames, the browser would get sluggish and die somewhere in the future. Let me know if that improve things! Cheers
  3. yes currently the maximal frames are limited to 1000 frames - just because its stored in ram. what do you think is a reasonable frame count? and ui buttons should be mapped to the current state (only visible in the SWITCH IN matrix).
  4. Hi I'm the author of WPC-Emu, a Williams Pinball Machine emulator running in your browser: https://neophob.github.io/wpc-emu/ One of the latest features I added is DMD ripping, you can export vpinmame raw compatible frames from all the available games. I'm looking for some feedback about it's usability. Cheers Michael