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  1. thanks.... color DMD are always fun to add to a good game.
  2. thanks for the backglass. Is it normal , for a 3 screens configuration, to not get the usual 'williams' logo on the dmd 3 rd screen ?
  3. and another one... sometimes after a multiball, when the 3 balls goes to drain, the table didn't launch the next ball like the table lost the count of balls.
  4. thanks for the table. a little bug : the auto kick launcher didn't work (the ball stay in the launch line when multiball and you need to launch it manually)
  5. i think i'm damned... i got an error in the 1 step.. installation of YamlCPP failed.. edit : the archive is in my J: disk , in a directory named "p-roc_install" when i lauch the first step, all is good until yaml installation i put some 'pause' into the script yaml-install.bat and i get this : J:\P-ROC_install>C:\P-ROC\cmake\bin\cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .. CMake Error: The source directory "J:/" is a file, not a directory. Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI. i dont' understand this error as J:/ is obviously a "directory" and not a file..
  6. i dint' know why but the version i have was the version 3.1 ... i think i get it from another place and mix it with your archive. i didn't see that you already put the v3.3 in another archive beside the tables... sorry and a big thank you for your help.
  7. as i can't find a full install for p-roc (the sound /asset are missing now...) ... i just set proc=0 instead of 1 (at the start of the 'cactus continued' table script) and all seem to work... dmd/backglass./sound.. i dont see any problem... did i miss something ?
  8. strange... i have no moving light when i play.. nothing move on the backglass edit : i try to download it again, and even try it from another pinball website, the same problem with all version. The backglass light up at the start of the game, then there is nothing more move on it ( none of the lights on/off ..) i add than my other backglass are fine, no problem with them edit : ok sorry... the light moved only on certain stage of the game - all is fine.
  9. nice... this table is so nice and even more with this great work
  10. tested and approved great work ! hope to see the final version
  11. thank you. the problem is really with the table and not the rom. the v1.1 is buggy
  12. hello.. i try Theatre of magic VPX NZ-TT 1.1 but the multiball seem to be broken in this version. each time i get 'multiball', the table didn't give more balls to play with.
  13. hello.. perhaps a stupid question... but what version is the most rescent and what are the difference between each version ?
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